Wind Turbine Vertical

Wind Turbine Vertical

Wind Turbine Vertical at the SBE, Nottingham. there are trees nearby and a taller building adjacent. The horizontal anenometer is swivelling around like mad. Even the horizontal turbine on the tower nearby is unable to hold a good angle.

Wind Turbine Vertical

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  1. TheServiceWeb



    ZERO-NOISE from gears and generators since they’re sealed underground.

    SAVES THE BIRDS AND BATS since the turbines are slow-moving.

    DOES NOT NEED TO OCCUPY A WIDER LANDSCAPE since the turbine can be very tall.

    MAY BE LOWER-COST since it can use parts of junked trucks and others.

    ELUDES HURRICANE FORCE since the blades automatically close.


  2. TheServiceWeb

    THIS SAVES THE BIRDS? and helps the wind energy companies (FREE FOR ALL.).

  3. catone82

    How? the heck did I fall on this vid…

  4. EiriKatana

    Now that’s cool. I could imagine to buy some land and plant some of these babies, vertically combined, on the lot to farm money for me.
    Solar batteries are quite expensive and you have to inherit water using rights in Germany for planting a water turbine.?

  5. zortmx44

    __ w w w diymagneticmotor. com wonder if anyone tryed this?? hmm…..

  6. energyxx11

    ??? w w w diymagneticmotor. com has anyone? tryed it?

  7. heinrich97

    I doubt that you could fill a whole mine with cement. That would be tremendously expensive. And it is pretty useless since it doesn’t last for even 10000 years. A slong as everything is thight I don’t understand why you would use “sealed” containers. Anyway: There will be water and it will destroy the containers within 100 years no matter how they are constructed. And cement is not waterproof. Besides they tried it here in germany and? they failed. Try

  8. Cre8tvMG

    “the first reliable mine has still to be discovered” I can’t even tell what you mean here. There are deep mines all over the world. Nearly all of them are reliable in the sense that if you filled the deepest tunnels with sealed containers of nuclear waste, filled those tunnels with cement, and poured thousands of feet of concrete plug, the contents aren’t? going anywhere, ever. Can you tell me how radiation would escape??

  9. Cre8tvMG

    There are deep mines all over the world, some in solid bedrock. At that depth, you really don’t need to worry if there IS a crack, or an earthquake – it’s not going anywhere. It’s miles deep! Anything that would bring? it up would kill us long before it got here! And no you can’t insure that, it’s silly to even suggest it. It’s a national government endeavor, not a private company endeavor. You may as well insure the planet against global warming.

  10. heinrich97

    Well good thing you have such a mine. Where did you say was it exactly? And who is the guy that personally guarantees there will never? be cracks in there for about a million years? I really wonder what his insurance company is asking him monthly for the risk of being wrong. One billion? After all there already have been some mines that were absolutely secure until they stopped being secure :) Of course the liability premium has to be part of the cost calculation as in every project.

  11. dnicholsoncole

    FIRST You need the right site for a wind turbine. I would love one on my house, but I have an anemometer up there and know that the wind is too light and variable due to a large hill behind the house? that forces the airflow to be about 50 or 60 metres above the house.

  12. Helmut Wabnig

    Where do I? get a free wind turbine for my Free Energy project?


    ????? it’s fantastic! I’ve manual to built small windgen for home for? 203KW if you interested..

  14. FlowersAll

    If you want to get the Magnetic-Generator plans
    Just search Google for “Top Magnetic Generator”
    Click the First result (Skip the Advertisements)
    I found it to be a great? resource

  15. Cre8tvMG

    Ah – my use of rational arguments, logic and facts sets me apart from the emotional blather of the left, eh? Easy to stand above the froth I guess.? ;-)

  16. Cre8tvMG

    A 1000′ cement plug will seal a mine rather well. Remember we’re talking about 25,000 feet of bedrock with? only one way in or out. (Current deepest mine is about 10,000 feet, btw.) It’s not like a surface level garbage dump that has to be sealed from rain runoff. There is no water table 5 miles down to transfer radiation – it just seeps into the rock and stays there forever. And if something ever upheaves rock 5 miles deep, we’ve got bigger problems than radiation.

  17. Cre8tvMG

    I’m a fiscal, moral and? constitutional conservative. That doesn’t always mean Republican, I’m afraid!

  18. heinrich97

    That is true, but then the problem is, that a technology to seal a mine does not exist. Which leads back to my argumentation. There is no way to calculate the cost until you know what the costs of a sealed mine are. And it will not be cheap to stop geotectonics and other problems in? such a big area.
    It is no wonder that the first reliable mine has still to be discovered.

  19. dnicholsoncole

    Yes, by selling it to the national grid! that is a giant battery that returns power to you when the wind isn’t doing anything. If you mean, can you be off-grid with wind, you need to clean up the voltage from the turbine with a regulator and charge? up deep charge batteries (like caravan or domestic boat batteries), and then run either DC lighting and other fittings (as on a caravan or boat) or use an invertor to convert the battery power back to AC.

  20. gill9275

    Question? Can energy from wind be stored, to be used at? another time?

  21. dsouzand

    i put a wind turbine like that? and a solar panel on top of Sheridan college :)

  22. Lesterishere

    nothing is? too crazy . go ahead try it and maybe post the results on your channel for all to see ! Cheers

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