Wind Turbine Tour

Puget Sound Energy's Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility features 149 wind turbines. This video tour takes you inside the 351-foot-tall wind turbines, giving a first hand look at how renewable energy works. Directions to the Wild Horse visitors' center can be found at

Wind Turbine Tour

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25 Responses to Wind Turbine Tour

  1. DBH5601

    @99xtremeturbo If you want to take a career in wind turbins you need to know an all around understanding of the concepts of mathmatics.

  2. Ozma2112

    I climb these things 6 days a week (weather permitting) and I couldn’t ask for a better job. The pay is great, benefits are always nice, and it’s an amazing experience.

  3. crsvky28

    o heck no

  4. xArwenx

    These things really creep me out, no idea why! but its interesting to see the inside.

  5. lutherarao

    REAL Free energy technology exists!But the Establishment doesn’t want ppl to know this,Get a motor that needs no gas or electric input at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Join the energy revolution!

  6. enggizo

    where to find through internet the new designs you mentioned if you don’t mind ?

  7. NWguy83

    Old out of date fan blade designs. There are some cool new wind turbines being built around the world, but not in the US.

  8. sledhill

    coal power forever.

  9. 99xtremeturbo

    @ontrac88 i am thinking about going into this career also, i have heard you need alot of math, what kind of math do you need to know?

  10. qcages

    @hiteyho at a website with information i was looking at about technician education said and average turbine technician makes between $30,000-45,000 a year not counting benefits and over-time.

  11. richandiben

    Turban? Isn’t that the head dress of Indain people?

  12. ontrac88

    I’m in school to train for this right now, really looking forward to a great career.

  13. rkr1995

    @EricsGOD What a coincidence; I too, live in Minnesota. The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository is located about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, in the desert. The main idea is that the waste could be safely stored underground where if it did happen to leak out, it wouldn’t get into any groundwater supplies. Unfortunately, I think they’ve abandoned it, and I’m not entirely sure why.

  14. EricsGOD

    @rkr1995 Where do you live, I work on the Wind Turbines out in Palm Springs CA… Im not familiar with the Ca, since im from MN, but I know Yucca Valley is near, is that somewhat of the location you are talking about?

  15. rkr1995

    @EricsGOD Although I never said anything like it, I’d be just fine with it in my backyard, as I live in a rural area. Modern nuclear power is much, much safer than people realize. While the waste is certainly undesirable (and we definitely wouldn’t dump it in the ocean), it can be safely stored in proposed sites such as the Yucca Mountain facility in Nevada.

  16. EricsGOD

    @rkr1995 Oh so you want a nuclear power plant in your back yard? What happens when it explodes and kills you? Get real dude, nuclear is great, but who wants it near them? And what do we do with all the nuclear waste, dump it in the ocean?

  17. rkr1995

    Not to say that wind energy is bad, but I would have to say that nuclear power makes more sense and is more economical. It takes a lot of wind turbines to equal the wattage output of one nuclear power plant.

  18. rextundra

    With over 100,000 wind turbines world wind we are still waiting for the first coal plant to close. But we can follow the billions of dollars spent on this modern day feel good project. We can also track the increase in the cost of electricity by having our government force us to buy a product that can not compete on its own.

  19. R90S

    These things area blight.
    The economics of running them are only viable when subsidized by tax dollars. They don’t generate when power is most needed.
    Altogether, not a real solution to the power problem – just a way for power companies to meet their politicized license requirements.

  20. ChorniyKot

    you need wind Turbines that do not? kill birds!!!!!!!!

  21. cooldit1

    @ChorniyKot turbans are things that people of certain cultures wear on their heads. Turbines are these things.

  22. ziemniaczek963

    Best :)))))

  23. nerdelicious5

    awesome view up there

  24. stosin

    I work for vestas and I get to see how they build them…its quite amazing once its all pieced together


    Skeptic, I believe your numbers are a bit off.

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