Wind turbine generator for home residential wind power

This video is taken when windmax wind generator is on the 5.9 feet test pole and the wind is 10 mph according to weather channel. the blades performs extremely well and spinning very fast at low noise. imagine much greater performance if this wind generator is at 26 feet high !! The blade diameter is 1.4 meter or 4.9 feet. While at the same wind speed, the old style wind turbine with mechanical furling with 8.2 feet diameter blades doesn't perform, the blades barely moved. Instead, the wind generator head is turning around, which is very bad. the blades for these old style wind turbines have poor design and such low efficiency, it can't capture the power in the wind even with the larger swept area, that is the myth about these blades with larger swept area, most people would think that the blades with larger swept area always performs better than blades with smaller swept area, that is totally untrue, if the blades with larger swept area won't operate/spin efficiently as shorter blades, it can't capture the power in the wind, and it won't output energy !! The energy output is the energy converted by the turbine blades into mechanical energy, the turbine blades need to spin in order to convert all the wind's power to mechanical power. The low effciency turbine blades don't spin or barely move, there is no energy output !!! Rated energy output of the old style wind turbines with mechnical furling and low efficiency blades is very deceiving because the blades have such low ...

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  1. laidofftomass

    I’m a proud owner of a wind max hy-400. I have tried most of the competition and wasted money. It wasn’t until after I tired most of the do it your self turbines before I finally stumbled across wind max. This turbine is exactly what they say it is in the spec’s and I have posted a few video’s of the hy-400 12v 5 blade low wind model. I plan on putting 5-6 more of them up on my barn starting this year. Thanks wind max for a great product.

  2. pacificcresttrans

    Wind turbines are environmentally friendly. They save electrical expenses and are economically viable. Depending on the location and the wind that one receives, the energy produced can be used to power home appliances. Many companies are working with the wind energy. One such company is the Pacific Crest Transformers. It has been partnering with the wind energy sector since 1985.

  3. Adam786Productions1

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  4. jeffmolly1

    I have 16 how to wind turbine videos. Just click on my username to see them.

  5. birdmanslopy

    what the real question iss how much electricity did it put out at 10mph?
    let me see a video with that and i might buy it if its good

  6. gdolim8

    That’s truly amazing! I slashed my electric bill in half! look here: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  7. Anubis1372


  8. fejfish

    Nice picture of a turbine in the wind, but absolutely useless without generated power data.

  9. diablosniper

    WOW!! That thing can really spin! Pretty good rotation for being so low to the ground, you would think that it would have to be put up really high to even start turning. But it shows that this very turbine needs little wind to really start going and creating energy. COOL!!

  10. Jonksus

    New turbines rotate very fast compared to older ones. For example one Japanese new model Zephyr 1kW has rated 1250 rpm and max 1600 rpm.

    Btw, did you measure the output voltage same time?

  11. CollegeRingtones

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