Wind Turbine Blades, Freeport, Texas 0306101611BW

wind turbine blades

Wind Turbine Blades, Freeport, Texas 0306101611BW
This part of Texas is known for production and refining of oil and natural gas, so it is nice to see that the area will soon be taking advantage of another energy source we have in abundance, the winds of the Gulf of Mexico. Transmission won't be a problem.

Until now, the big wind turbine blades that I've seen have been on troubles, heading north or northwest, from the Port of Houston, toward other parts of the state or the country.
Image by Patrick Feller

... - by Shanekajt70 (Solar Panel)

3 Blade Hub and Aluminum... - by Bernardaox51 (Inverter Circuit)

... - by Shanekajt70 (Solar Panel)

Carving wind turbine blades with a chainsaw Windward side, homemade and residential - by windturbineuk (wind turbine uk)

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  1. hey.pictrues

    sooo beautiful

  2. leslie.hawes

    This gladdens my heart.

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