Wind Generators for Sale, How They Can Be Used

With rising energy costs and environmental concerns people want to know their options for a greener cheaper energy future. These concerns are highlighted by the environmental catastrophe unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico with the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform.

Wind energy is the cheapest alternative energy source to date. There are a growing number of complete home wind generator kits on the market. More and more people want to know how they can be used.

A wind generator for sale can be used in three basic ways, stand alone, utility grid tie, and wind solar combination.  We will discuss the pros and cons of each, starting with the stand alone system.

This system is best used in remote locations where utility grids are nonexistent or overly costly because of the distance for the utility tie in.

Complete home wind generator kits are coupled with charge controllers, battery banks and power inverters to convert the energy to AC voltage.

The cost of the power inverter can be avoided if you have DC appliances. Many recreational vehicles and house boats come equipped with batteries and DC appliances. Wind turbines for sale and charge controllers are all that's needed.

The drawback of this type system is the cost and maintenance of the battery bank. Batteries have a limited number of times they can be charged and discharged. Over time they need to be replaced.

The advantage of standalone systems using wind generators for sale is the ability to provide power where no utility grid exists, or is too expensive because of the tie in distance.

Another use of wind generators for sale is the grid tie system. This system consists of wind power generators coupled with grid tie inverters that enable them to be tied directly into the utility power grid.

The advantage of this type system is not having the initial investment in batteries or having a budget for battery replacement and maintenance. Also if your produce more energy than you use, you can sell it back to the utility.

Large expensive complete home wind turbines  are not needed. Smaller wind generators for sale can be used to defray a portion of your utility cost with a smaller investment.

The disadvantage of using wind generators for sale in a grid tie system is not having a backup system in the event of a power outage. Without a battery backup you only have what the wind generator for sale will produce. There also is some red tape to go through before any utility will approve a grid tie system.

The third use of wind generators for sale is in combination with solar. Complete home wind generator kits are coupled with photo voltaic solar panels. This system can be used with grid tie or stand alone systems.

The advantages are the ability to generate more power by using two alternative green energy sources.

The disadvantage is the increased expense of the solar panels and installation. To date solar is the most expensive alternative energy option and the most susceptible to damage because of their fragile nature.

The range of wind generators for sale is expanding from large expensive installations that require site surveys and professional installation to small inexpensive user friendly units that can be installed by homeowners.

Wind generators for sale in the form of complete home wind turbine  kits are the lowest cost entry point for the average person to gain control over a portion of their energy needs.

There is an upside to the environmental catastrophe unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. It will drive the demand for alternative energy development.

Ed Eubanks is a DIY green power enthusiast on a mission to bring power generation to a more personal level. He has a strong Mechanical-Electrical background from working 28 years in the US steel industry. His mission is to promote personal power generation to the masses. Residential wind generators are a good entry point for people to start generating a portion of their enegy needs.

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