Wind Generator Kit for children?

wind generator kit

Wind Generator Kit for children?
I am looking for a basic wind power/generator kit for my son.

He is very interested in Alternative Energy, and would like to experiment with Wind Power.

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Answer by solo
I don't know what country you are from so I will answer for the UK ... Maplin Electronics have cheap (no soldering) wind power kits.

If you are from another country find a hobby electronics store and ask them about kits like this - they are very common items.

Good luck

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5 Responses to Wind Generator Kit for children?

  1. Computer

    You can use a simple wind mill

  2. jj redick04

    Go jump off a cliff

  3. dancinjulie

    I don’t know if they have anything specifically for wind power (and their stock is always changing) but for supplies for this sort of exploration, we really like:


    You might try this website Sounds like a fun project. Best of luck.

  5. Carol P

    I am not sure about the kits but you may find this group iteresting The Midwest Renewable Energy Association.
    “The Midwest Renewable Energy Association promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through education and demonstration. ” They attract people globally to their fair every year and under education have ahost of things including kids projects, The discussion forum is full of information.

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