Wind Generation is the Future Renewable Type of Energy

wind generator

The future of power generation is going to be greatly influenced by the Wind.Wind is the Types of Renewable Energy that uses a wind turbine to generate the electricity. By the end of 2009 wind generation accounted for the generation of 159.2 gigawatts, which is about 2% of the worlds electricity required. Going forward wind generation has the technical potential to produce 40 times it current electricity generation.


There is a wide range of wind turbines available for many suppliers and they fall into two categories just like most other things around the world.  There is a range of domestic wind generators ranging from 100 watts up to 1 Kilowatt and a much wider range of commercial units that range from 600 Kilowatts to 5 Megawatts however wind turbines with the rated output of 1.5 to 3 Megawatts are most commonly used in the commercial wind farms around the world.


Regardless of the rated output wind turbines use exactly the same method to generate an electricity supply. Basically they use they do exactly opposite to an electric motor. An electric motor uses a supply of electricity to energize a coil of wire (the armature) that is contained in a magnetic field this causes the armature to turn therefore supplies a source of mechanical energy. Now a wind turbine on the other hand takes it energy source from the wind and using the blades to mechanically turn the armature within the magnetic field. This movement within the magnetic field induces an electrical current in the windings, which can be used to feed into the main power grid or into a battery bank in the case of a stand-alone system.


The rate of electricity generated is proportional to the speed at which the turbine turns. Before installing a wind generator you need to do some research into whether or not the location that you live in is suitable. You need to have what as known as clean wind meaning that there is no interference to the flow of wind into the generator like trees mountains builds etc. It is also a good idea to install some wind monitoring equipment and study the amount of wind you can actually take advantage of. You may find that your location is not suitable for a wind generator and you may need to look at other types of renewable energy like Solar Panels.



The use of wind generators for the creation of electricity is growing across the globe by a staggering rate of 30% per year. The fact that people are using the power of the wind it is making Wind Turbines one of the forefront in the Types of Renewable Energy and as the need for more electricity and the need to reduce greenhouse gases there will be more research and development conducted to better the technology that we are already using to make wind turbines more efficient and cheaper to construct.  As they find was to make them cheaper the more people will choose to use them making it a win win situation for use and the environment.

If you would like to learn more about renewable Energy and you are a bit of a DIY kind of a person Have a read about my experiences with different Types of Renewable Energy.

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