What motor should I use for a windmill?

wind generator motor

What motor should I use for a windmill?
I would like to make a small one to start out with. What is a good motor to use? Are there any in consumer products that I could find at like a junk yard?
What a brilliant answer... So wind by itself just magically creats electricity? Wow.

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Answer by VW LuLu
Windmills do not use motors they use wind!

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  1. Hondu

    Brad, you need an alternator or a generator, not a motor, if you are plannig on generating eletricity. By definition a motor is a device that uses any form of energy to create mechanical energy. You may be able to use an auto generator or alternator along with the right gearing to produce 12 volt power from your windmill. To generate household or commercial electricity you will need a pretty sophisticated wind turbine and gen set since the old fashioned windmills were designed mostly for pumping water and don’t turn very fast. .

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