VAWT CST 10kW Wind Turbine Generator

VAWT CST 10kW Wind Turbine Generator

Wind Turbine installed at N3 offramp to Nottingham road Allan Rumney.

VAWT CST 10kW Wind Turbine Generator

13 Responses to VAWT CST 10kW Wind Turbine Generator

  1. Allan Rumney

    Sorry, cant paste the link, search for Dew Catcher 1 Go to Here you can view real live data off the Dew
    Catcher turbine

  2. Jules Viljoen

    What is the cost

  3. gizmoguyar

    All lift type VAWTs require motor starting. They’re much more efficient
    than other types of turbines, but they require wing speeds greater than the
    wind, and thus can’t self start.

  4. DemonHunter Lamalas

    oh man this is great!

  5. Tony Decker

    i dont normaly say anything but why does it sound like a electric motor and
    that it changed directions ?

  6. itsandbits1

    looks lik a high speed unit. Do you know anything about the wings or gen?

  7. Allan Rumney

    Hi guys, thanks for your interest. This was our first 10kw installation,
    and in fact proved to be not so great, with predominently lightish winds.
    The generation unit is simply a grid-tied, geared-up induction motor,
    synchronous speed (1500 motor rpm= 54 rpm on the rotor shaft). It’s simple,
    increase the rpm of the rotor above syncronous speed and the motor acts as
    a generator. Below synch. speed, the unit is disconnected from mains. Wings
    are intellectual property, sorry.

  8. 00venc

    Some VAWTs need to be started whit an electic motor, they could not start
    on their own.

  9. Allan Rumney

    Regarding the question on windspeed during filming, it was barely 4.2M/sec
    (13kmph or 8mph). This is not our best site, have a look at: The DUC
    machine produces good power, to date it has peaked at it’s specified 10KW.
    During the week of COP17, it produced close to 1MWH of clean energy!

  10. andyflowerss

    Excellent! What speed of wind was during the filming of this video?

  11. jlasud

    I’m no expert,but that there isn’t much surface that the wind can
    push,compared to the size of this turbine.

  12. Maxsell96

    Why you untwist the wind turbine by means of the electro engine?

  13. gizmoguyar

    It’s not really about “Push”, it’s more about lift. Long thin blades are
    very efficient. Think about how the wings on sailplanes are shaped. In
    fact, this turbine has five blades. There’s probably some reason for
    designing it with five blades, but usually the fewer the blades the more

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