UFO crash hits wind turbine

A UFO is believed to have struck a giant wind turbine in South Lincolnshire.

UFO crash hits wind turbine

25 Responses to UFO crash hits wind turbine

  1. mmetris

    it wasn’t a UFO or else the goverment would have had the video removed already LMAO

  2. SuicideIsSilent

    @dhbiza have you seen paul? “3 tits, awesome!”

  3. bourdonsboy

    @dhbiza dude my cousin on mars sent me pic of her hooters,there big dont worry

  4. bourdonsboy

    BAM CHuck Norris epicly bicth slapped it

  5. frenxmf

    Yellow Journalism…

  6. dhbiza

    I wonder if alien girls have big hooters???

  7. 681raptor

    wat if someone launched a fireball?

  8. Donald6309

    i bet the aliens are watching this going:
    “dammit bob if you cant fly w/o crashing and drawing attention to us, stop flying at all!!!!”
    “sorry dad”

  9. gibbonspider

    The locals in Lincolnshire will say anything to get the turbines moved.
    NIMBY’s the lot of em!

  10. pokemongage

    @iSeeBenchKickS … you cant take a joke can you? =/

  11. claireeXx3

    that waz probly just a plane

  12. haydenwce27

    Gotta love that music.

  13. Isthtpie

    One of the aliens was having a real bad hangover from the raging party the night before

  14. TheKidTrio

    They were chinese UFOs

  15. iSeeBenchKickS

    @pokemongage Hey pokedick why wont you shut up and take a huge black dick up your ass and stop hating on Justin Bieber. At least give Justin Bieber respect yo i’m not a fan of JB but i give people respect. Stupid 11 no wait not even 11 year old kid no w8 u know what. What t the fuck are you anyway?

  16. pokemongage

    i know what it was i was there when it hit i just didnt want to tell any one IT WAS JUSTIN BIEBER IN HIS UFO TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO TURN EVERYONE IN JUSTIN BIEBERS

  17. nikokungreenfuzzey

    i just came from failblog a windmill gets f’d up by itself

  18. GT19802223

    The Disclosure of Everything – Aliens Ufo Evolution Actual History great documentary check it out

  19. Liimilendur

    It definitely wasn’t an airplane, a helicopter nor a fighter jet. It surely was an UFO.

  20. jhovandlycampos

    it probaly fell then they put it back up and made some rediculous story up so their insurance would cover its damage how come the y didnt mention where the othe r peices were found ….dam hill billies just wana b on tv

  21. 5mdac

    How did they fly over at least a million light years to this planet, then crash into a large obsevable object, its fucking ridiculous

  22. tiznax

    hahaha, how do you REALLY feel about Gateway laptops?



  24. MaxDamageProductions

    …Close Encounters of The Third Kind?

  25. mrvegas1960

    Those UFO’s are built stronger than a toyota and can take one hell of a hit. Had that been a prius or corolla it would be stuck on the blade. I just wish i could throw my Gateway Laptop up high enough to have those rotating blades destroy this piece of shit. Gateway Laptops suck and should all be thrown into the pacific ocean.

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