Twin 1Kw wind turbine/generators hitting high amps

Twin 1Kw wind turbine/generators hitting high amps

We were getting 17mph winds with higher gusts and these things go up to 40 Amps a7 27v which is 1.1Kw not bad at all. We will bring down the tower and re-do the design as one of the turbines is getting its wind stolen when the wind is aligned in such way that they get in line one behind the other. Otherwise I'm very happy with the setup.

Twin 1Kw wind turbine/generators hitting high amps

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  1. ambrose361

    i reccommend that you try blue sea for breakers? dude.

  2. econewpower

    I would not hesitate to purchase a Windtura 750 from Windy Nation or a WindMax turbine (which is what I have), I can give good testimony of both of my WindMax turbines put it what they say it does at the wind speed they publish. I know two owners of Windturas 750s that? also get great performance just as advertised by the company. I own a Missouri Wind and Solar and their Raptor blades which never put out even 1/4th the power they claimed. Good luck friend.

  3. elcomandante31able

    thanks man for the information can u recommend me some good wind turbine? thanks agaim bro

  4. econewpower

    You need at least 12mph to make any useful power.? An 11 blade turbine?? You must have been looking at the Missouri Wind and Solar junk, don’t waste your money brother. Search YouTube and Google for their bad reputation, then search for their good comments. I tried that turbine and blades when I firs started, it was like throwing money into the wind.

  5. elcomandante31able

    nice setup i would like? to get a 11 blade wind turbine but i dont know how many mhp i need to starting making power

  6. econewpower

    They work well enough if you use them in the manner prescribed in the kit. I? would not be afraid of using them.

  7. econewpower

    Thanks, I will be posting many new videos? this week and in the next few weeks.

  8. TheKevinChannel1

    How do those harbor? frieght inverters work are they decent?

  9. hing983

    i like yr system can you send me written? plan my email

  10. qwerty42

    I really appreciate your posts econewpower, thanks and keep them coming if you can.

    sorry to hear about the tower, but it? helps everyone learn when you post video like that! Thanks again, great work too

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