Turbine Blade Destruction

Turbine Blade Destruction

An experimental natural fiber blade is bent and bent and bent - until it can be be bent no more. This is the final test for any new wind turbine blade. Featuring University of Nottingham researchers Peter Schubel and Darshil Shah with technician Eric Parnham. More behind the scenes films like this: www.test-tube.org.uk Test Tube films by Brady Haran. Video editing in this film (and second camera) by Stephen Slater.

Turbine Blade Destruction

21 Responses to Turbine Blade Destruction

  1. maraseea

    “Saftey first,? Brainiacs second.”

  2. Dragon Steel

    Probably more like not cheap and abundant enough.?

  3. neobiki

    Inquisition used to apply the same method on human body to test the resistance to stretching, it’s quite effective. Who said religious and? science could not coexist?

  4. pizzahut3001

    Seeing as it’s made of natural fibres, I’m sure they were quite right to assume it wasn’t? going to shatter?

  5. TheThirdGerman

    It would probably be incredibly expensive.?

  6. doormagic

    They lost the? moment when turbine blade broke up….

  7. Premoose2

    That’s the point he’s trying to make. He doesn’t think a helmet and glasses will protect them from a worst case scenario. Maybe? being in another room behind some bullet proof glass. I know I would’ve been a little nervous standing 20 feet away from that thing under that much pressure. Especially since they said at the beginning they had no clue what would happen.

  8. methanbreather

    probably because they were? in a place that made wearing hart hats mandatory.

    Just saying, if that blade had disintegrated violently no hard hat or goggles would have saved your life with the sharp debris cutting cutting your throat.

  9. pldesx

    It’s this kind of mentally that leads one in four americans to believe that the lunar landing was? staged. And what does romania have to do with eye sight ?

  10. Sean Carlisle

    if i’m the kid you tell me why would they wear hard hats and not glasses. or should i wait for them, the professionals? i guess in romania eye sight is? a luxury, have fun with no depth perception when something snaps in your face.

  11. pldesx

    We should all listen to this kid, he seems to understand physics much better than? professional engineers.

  12. TheMissVanee

    Do you hate the ads on Youtube? They need to hear? what you all think, go here bit.ly/XuMDGI?=cwpfrd
    They are giving away iPads to the first 500 that finish the 5 easy questions!

  13. Claudius Clüver

    Isn’t the problem with those? fibers, that they are not very good in resisting hits? I think i read something like this. They already make bicycles out of that, but you have to be careful with them, as far as i recall. So an impact is not a very big problem for a blade that is, like 50 m from the ground, but it is for a car. Bycicle frames are small, therefore not that likely to be hit, they don’t move as fast, and are relatively cheap to replace.

  14. DehumanisingEchoes

    I’m sure that if it? were necessary that it would be used.

  15. jamesh625

    engineer who did the? most talking was really hot!

  16. DarkNemesis25

    the harder and stronger the car body the less crumple zone..? meaning that instead of the car body destroying and absorbing impact you die on impact from hundreds of gforces

  17. Julián Luna

    Oooh that’s true, thank u?

  18. QBAlchemist

    i think thier main concern is the blade and blade housing. sure the main body wont stand up to much in? a hurricane, but if it does topple, then it can’t physicaly get swept up. if a blade were to break or disconnect, then that could be lifted and make any hurricane so much more devistating.

    besides, the likelyhood of wind farms being placed in hurricane locations is slim … and thier occourence in other locations slimmer still.

  19. skysthelimit112

    Aaaaah I got here a month late! I? wanted to see that at the time! xD

  20. Seán O'Nilbud

    Wow? you must have gotten frostbite in your brain there Jukka.

  21. Seán O'Nilbud

    Yeah a retarded peasant like you obviously knows far more than someone who does the job for a? living, has an IQ over 100, and went to school for more than 4 years.

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