treadmill windmill generator selection

treadmill windmill generator selection

A short video on the different types of treadmill motors and there generating capabilities. I sell a lot of these on E-bay and it amazes me how the smaller o...

treadmill windmill generator selection

9 Responses to treadmill windmill generator selection

  1. Robert Barnes

    you can place links in these videos so why don’t you put a link to your
    auctions page, or at least give us your ebay user name so we can find your
    stuff for sale. You are a master marketer haha… seriously, don’t mean to
    give you to hard a time, I appreciate the video. I am more interested in
    one of these motors to use on my drill press, just bought one, a 3 hp
    continuous duty larger model on ebay. Going to use a KB Electronics

  2. banshee8989

    These are all sold but I do have more that I will be lisiting on ebay soon.

  3. banshee8989

    @FilteredInc I find them on craigslist for free or at the towns transfer

  4. mattwoodproperty

    Iv got myself a motor which I shall be doing some testing with to be used
    as a generator on a micro hydro set up, I didn’t remove it , can anyone
    tell me why it’s come with four wires? Also the kind of set up I’ll be
    going for is battery’s located approx 8 meters away and then use an
    invertor. It will be to give electric to an off grid bungalow that has
    however got electrics throughout but not on the grid if that helps with
    your suggestions, Thanx in advance

  5. LUCKY4908

    I guess the Bigger the better doesnt it?

  6. Crackinwise

    What are you using those generators for please?

  7. theycallmeGIORGIO

    are those motors still for sale? very interested!

  8. ooooDanieloooo

    What would shipment to Denmark be?? hehe..

  9. dawt529

    I want to build a generator out of these motors. I know this is old so I
    cant buy any of your your great used motors on ebay, but I have questions.
    You pose so many in your great video! When looking for a motor what do we
    look for? So do we need high amps? Do we need high volts? Do we need the
    big motor with the small flywheel or the small motor with no flywheel I
    dont understand?

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