The Floating Balloon Wind Generator

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The Floating Balloon Wind Generator

25 Responses to The Floating Balloon Wind Generator

  1. paack3

    you cant recognize the windows reader?

  2. ivylsp

    Free energy is finaly here!But the Establishment doesn’t want ppl to know this,Check this free energy magnet motor at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Let the revolution begin!

  3. js111410


  4. iindium49

    this has been made well a small version a rancher made in Arizona but it had issues with twisting in the wind and getting tangled up. still, all in all, not a bad idea. does need to be better stabilized. also needs a larger air catch think wind sock .

  5. gan1hemx

    rama raju

  6. cusanusnicolas

    So, two years later, just where are we…

  7. imburne

    This is really dumb. If it was to play out in a real life scenario it would totally fail. Maybe this is why its done with the robo voice

  8. chuy0720

    A test model of the M.A.R.S.Generator will be erected in a village in Mexico.The generator will power a water-purification unit.the test model will be constructed and built in wiarton,canada once finished,the test model will be inflated with helium and tested to make sure that it will function correctly. Then, the test model will be shipped to Mexico

  9. chuy0720

    where it will be re-inflated and erected in the village location.the m.a.r.s generator will be connected to a bank of batteries,witch will convert the hardnessed energy into 10 kw of power

  10. hablerz

    In a strong wind you could end up flying over China – in your house !

  11. LegitGamers

    Go to freemicrosoftpoint[DOT]com for a working one!

  12. InsaneJim

    the amperage and watts drop the further you go with the wire. you better have a 3kw generator for the currant to travel 1000 feet of wire to the house.

  13. jerryaltman

    The paint of Hindenburg was only part of cause. the real cause, believed today, was a cable that rupture and damage a compartment of hidrogen. The electrostatic only ignited the leaking hidrogen. The paint do not spread fire fast as we see in the footage.
    There are large natural gas mines around the word, but most have a too few percentage of helium. Very few natural gas mines have fine percentages of helium.

  14. ShirakOmegaX

    Have a search for the new gas mines off the coast of New Guinea and western Australia. I am fairly certain it can be distilled from natural gas. Exon mobile is heading the PNG drill. It was originally thought that the US had the only really large stockpiles of helium. The Hindenburg disaster was a result of the USA cutting the Germans off from Helium and them having to resort to hydrogen however the paint was the real cause. See Myth busters. The HAA experiments today look really promising.

  15. jerryaltman

    I know about eletrolises, and search for better tanks for hidrogen…

    As I said, Helium is taken from Methane (natural gas), but most methane mines have very few Helum percentage of helium.
    The better mines of methane rich in helium are on USA, but they will not last more than 20 or 30 years.

  16. ShirakOmegaX

    True hydrogen is flammable however it is easily created with electricity and water. Hydrogen in a state called HH0 Browns gas is more stable and was even used in the water car. Hydrogen can be stored in a safe manner using compartment technology there are also new plastic metal composites being created already on the market that would be ideal. Do a quick search on HAA aircraft already in use. Of note Helium can be distilled from natural gas making it more common than originally thought.

  17. jerryaltman

    Hidrogen is highly flamable and leak, Even thick metal tanks allow hydrogen leak.

  18. ShirakOmegaX

    Hydrogen is however

  19. RogueLegend999

    ballon not practical.
    a tower would work though

  20. mstaff657

    how pathetic

  21. jerryaltman

    Heliun is not renewable. We cant took heliun from atmosphere, since technology can’t do that. Heliun is extrated from methane mines, and those mines will not last for more than 30 years.

  22. dulcebelluminexperti

    I can call 911 and tell them that my son is up there! I don’t think this idea would fly, literally. Too unsightly

  23. LostYearsProd

    That’s great!

  24. SCADZO

    mi granny saw those
    long ago
    We call it

  25. RupertsCrystals

    And in fact it wouldn’t be a major problem if it did. There would be no people in it, plus if it was built so that there was minimal damage to the other components, they could be reused.
    Hydrogen burns very quickly, therefore damage would be minimal.

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