Stepper Motors As Generators

Stepper Motors As Generators

Yes, stepper motors make great generators. This video will give you the nuts and bolts of generating electricity with a spinning stepper motor.

Stepper Motors As Generators

13 Responses to Stepper Motors As Generators

  1. evanzho99

    Do? u teach this

  2. Ted Burke

    Thanks, I? really enjoyed this video. Very informative!

  3. jackson edwards

    fero magnetic? materials… huge electro magnet… chemical masking … makes cheap motors … but no corporate support for electronic motorcycles

  4. KyleCarrington

    hahaha teddy bear tail-light on? the old 3-speed. awesome lol here’s to old school bo-janging brother!

  5. jrstoelting

    This is really neat, but you are talking way over my head. Seeing the breadboard does bring back great memories of making a light sensitive nightlight for a gradeschool? science fair project with me dad. Great video.

  6. johnnytheprick


    why only one rectifier? you coudlve? doubled the output voltage by having two.

  7. scotlandsimon

    You? are awesome.

  8. Jared Vanecek

    Same here I would really appreciate the schematic…
    It would? be a big help. Thanks.

  9. jstone33065

    can u please send? me the schematics for the circuit you r using in the video please…or make a vid tut showing to build it up….please!

  10. Dean Segovis

    A? breadboard.

  11. Jaron Van Der Velden

    what is that board with all those wholes in it?
    i would like to buy one for myself? but i dont know the name.

  12. Gonzomedic1

    Neat! Thanks!?

  13. HackaweekTV

    You need the? RPMs.

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