stepper generator (alternator) free energy make a wind generator

Here i use a stepper motor from an old photocopyer and turn it into a tiny power house alternator .. with the push pull circuit (resonance with in a transformer) im getting a massive output from little input just need a wind generator and fan blade .. and vola one free lighting ... injoy .. yes this gives you a very nasty shock .. even from one wire .. so Danger High Voltage

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  1. o2baenergyfree

    from an old photocopyer ,
    injoyed the optical treat on your youtube page ..that was a (fantastic trick) b/w to colour

  2. ragingelephants2005

    whered you get the motor?

  3. o2baenergyfree

    really ?, looking forward to your penny/ lemon battery that runs fluro tubes ..

  4. daniel28752

    put some load besides a light bulb on this. something that requires some power. you can turn on a light bulb w/ a lemon and a penny.

  5. ChrisPCrunchy

    Could this be driven by the natural power of sheep?

  6. o2baenergyfree

    yes that is correct .. without the transformer coil , you would only have about 4v-6v a/c 3 phase ,may be a little more

  7. 2550osiosterdalen


    So without the coil, the output isn’t so good?

  8. afdhalatifftan92


  9. ehnriko

    I’m viewer number 1 – and Im giving this 5 stars! :-) yehey!

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