Q&A: Wind turbine project ideas?

vertical wind turbine

Wind turbine project ideas?
I have to make a wind turbine for an engineering project. It has to lift stacks of coins in 50 coin intervals. 50 coins the first time, 100 the second time, 150 the third time, and so on. It Has to lift the load .5 meters above the ground or platform that it is on. The wind for the power will be generated by two Industrial fans.

There is a catch to this though. The entire project must be made from things that are found around the house. We can not use materials that have been purchased.

I have a few ideas but i just wanted to see if anyone else had any.

Much Thanks.
Thanks for all the help so far. But im looking for some more ideas on how to use this to actually lift the coins. Any ideas with that?

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Answer by Drewfuss
the simplest wind turbine to make from junk is the savonius rotor. it's basically made from barrels cut in half lengthwise for the cups.

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  1. Ram

    you can make various types of homemade turbines. a vertical axis wind turbine is easier to make but less efficient then a horizontal axis turbine. also since you have to lift load off the ground vertically, my advice is to use a horizontal axis turbine (the one that looks like a fan). u can easily make the blades from wood or even PVC pipes.



    for wood u can carve out a shape of a turbine blade in it. Use a piece of timber, chip with a chisel and then polish to smoothness using sandpaper or a file.

  2. Gerry

    check this site, they have mini course on DIY wind turbines..maybe it can help you..i hope..


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