Q&A: When will solar and wind power be affordable to the average home owner?

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When will solar and wind power be affordable to the average home owner?
I have been doing some research on solar panel and wind turbine systems. The pricing is crazy. For a 10Kw solar grid tie kit system is between $ 35,000 and $ 40,000. If you install batteries add $ 3,000-$ 5,000. 10Kw will only power a small to medium home without electric heat. Using my electric usage and info from my local electric company payback is 60 years for solar and 361 years for wind. This is unexceptionable. The manufactures of the solar and wind are gouging the consumers. They are using the excuse of supply and demand for the high cost. When demand goes up so will mass production and the price will go down. This is true, but they are making a huge profit on what they are making now. Some items are in the 3000% markup range. Are the power companies keeping the price up so their profits don't suffer? My local electric supplier has an "ENERGY PARK" that you can go see solar and wind power in action and check out real time data online. They have a 4Kw solar array installed and claim it cost $ 30,378 installed and a 2.5Kw wind turbine that cost about $ 20,000 installed. I think they are giving false numbers to consumers so you won't go green. I was able to find a 3.5Kw kit online for $ 9,000. This doesn't include any type of mounting materials. You can add $ 800-$ 1,200 for these materials. An installer will will charge you $ 2,000-$ 4,000 to install it. For the sake of argument lets say this will cost you $ 15,000 to install but still way out of line for you and me to install. That is a far cry from the $ 30,000 the power company claims. The power companies don't want you to make your own electric. They are keeping the cost high so they will still make money off you. A 210w panel sells for around $ 600. They probably manufacture it for under $ 50. The cost needs to be $ 100-$ 150 to the consumer to make it affordable to the average home owner. 50 210w panels make a 10Kw system. That would be $ 5,000 not $ 40,000. The manufactures are raping us and the power companies are helping them to keep prices high. When will we get the technology at a proper cost? Let me know what you think.
In response to the first 5 answers, Yes, if demand increases so will mass production and thus supply will increase and this will drive the price down. I looked into panels from China. From what I was able to find panels sell for $ 0.17-$ 0.45 per watt. In the U.S. they sell for $ 3.00-$ 5.00 per watt. Manufactures in the U.S. have lobbied for a higher tariff on solar products that makes them impractical to import on mass. These companies want to keep the price high so their profits stay high, and the power companies do not want you to produce all your own power. That would put them out of business.
In response to Steve R, You need to do more research before you post another retarded comment like that. Air "DOES" have mass (just not very dense). When air is in motion it is called "WIND". This motion creates energy. Have you ever heard of a "tornado"? Get your facts together next time.

Best answer:

Answer by simsjk
A 5KW wind system from China will cost you about $ 1,000 to $ 2,000. That is including the batteries.
I suggest you buy directly from China as this is where most of the systems come from. Of course you are being reamed by western prices.
I live in China and would be happy to put together some packges for you.
my email is jonsims@ksmetals.net drop me a line and spread the word.

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8 Responses to Q&A: When will solar and wind power be affordable to the average home owner?

  1. Tim

    when more people start using it , will be cheaper.

  2. XXX

    hopefully soon

  3. Bubbles

    Because of the big oil spill the government is pushing for more people to use renewable energy, so hopefully soon, but if you do get one now you get a lot back on your taxes from it so you will eventually get all the money you spent on it back

    hope this helped

  4. STEVE R

    Have you not heard of E=MC2, Albert Einstein, wind has no mass, hourly, therefore no energy. The sunshine you speak exists only on Sunny days, good luck with your belief in the aforementioned. luv ser

  5. MTRstudent

    Have you got any evidence for them price gouging? The cheapest solar panels in the world are produced by FirstSolar and last year they only just dropped below $ 1,000/kWp (i.e. $ 10,000 for your 10kWp system). That doesn’t include frames, inverters, grid tie system or installation. And silicon is more expensive and are available for home rooftops right now unlike FS’ CdTe.

    I think it’s a case of solar still being too expensive. Prices are falling, and will continue to do so. The big problem atm is that non-module things account for about half of the cost (maybe more now). Frames, installation, inverter etc.

    And wow, your small to medium homes guzzle electricity! In northern England you should expect a 10kWp system to make ~7,500kWh in a year. Our household of 5 people used the equivalent of under 4,000kWh leccy with gas heating last year. And N England isn’t very sunny! I think that energy efficiency is the best start. You’re probably going to have to wait a few more years for solar prices to become sensible.

    I did a research project on CdTe solar cells. As part of it we had access to literature from other research and industry groups with price projections. Commercial thin films are expected to hit grid parity in sunny areas in under a decade – they’re already very very close. Rooftop ones are more expensive and currently rely on silicon – if we can get high efficiency thin film materials (CIGS, CZGS or dye sensitized probably. Maybe amorphous or poly-Si will do) then we may hit household grid parity by 2020ish in sunny places. I’ve heard 2025-2030 thrown about for the UK.

  6. classicsat

    Cut the incentives, import tarriffs, and special grind tie rates. That will make prices truly competitive for those that want to participate in home green energy, and not put any cost on those that do not want to.

    The important thing is the incentives, which artificially raise the prices of equipment.

  7. Tommy

    i see you got a few answers.no one told you about the Government helping pay for everything.contact my web site and we will explain how.i agree it seems alittle high now but after studing i have found with government help and long turn use you will make money,this is something you can give to your kids,it keeps on giving and has very good warranties.we tell you what you need and how to get it.homes hospitals military schools and more.thanks tommy http://www.blueviewsolar.com

  8. Ijathenickman

    It will be affordable when we run out of oil and are living on a dry rock with dead oceans.

    We won’t even have to buy it..

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