Q&A: What are the basic element in wind energy conversion device?

vertical wind turbine

What are the basic element in wind energy conversion device?
I have to build a wind energy conversion device for my design subject. However, I can't use toothed gears, gearboxes, energy storage systems (e.g. flywheels, batteries, pressurised fluids, etc), rolling
element bearings and existing (pre-made) fan impellers.

So I need rough ideas on what are the things that can replace those items which can make the device moving.

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Answer by WtchTwr
Your basic design goal is to "Build a Wind Energy Conversion Device". This is a broad goal as it does not specify if the end result needs to produce electrical or simply mechanical energy.

You are limited as you cannot use any rolling element bearings. This can cause a problem for horizontal wind turbines. To avoid this, you can use a vertical wind turbine similar to the following. http://www.ecofriend.com/entry/pacwind-vertical-axis-wind-turbine-at-home/
The curved blades will "catch" the air flow no matter what the wind direction is.

To avoid the use of rolling element bearings, a vertical wind turbine can be supported at the bottom. Ensure both the spinning shaft and the housing are smooth and greased. Supports higher up will also be needed to keep the turbine level. These can be holes cut out of the frame which are close to the spinning shaft.

To transfer the power, use a pulley and belt system. This won't violate the toothed gear rule. You will incure some efficiency losses as the belts and pulleys will slip.

on the other side of your pulley, you can hook it up to a small generator to generate power continuously as the wind blows, or you can attach if to some mechanical device to provide mechanical power. Just ensure the initial start-up torque isn't too large.

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