PowerMax 1KW Wind Generators

  • 1 KW Wind Generator, CE Listed 2 Year Warranty
  • Low start up wind speed of 4.5 mph.
  • Low rated wind speed, generate 1KW at 20 mph
  • Rotor Diameter is 8.86 feet
  • Output 48 Volt, off grid

Product Description
CE listed and ISO 9001 certified genuine 1 KW wind generator system with 48 Volt output. Good for homes, cabin or remote area which need off grid systems. Low cost. Easy set up. Include generator, tail, blades, hub, nose cone, charge controller, inverter, electrical cable. The charge controller and inverter are covered by one year warranty and all the other parts are covered by 2 year factory warranty. The buyer need poles and batteries to set the system up. Contact us if you need further help!

For more information: PowerMax 1KW Wind Generators

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