Part 3 DIY PVC Wind Turbine Blades Steel Banded Reinforced Pop Rivet

Part 3 DIY PVC Wind Turbine Blades Steel Banded Reinforced Pop Rivet

please share this video - more info to come. I have come up with a modification to the PVC wind turbine blade that I would like to share with you. Simple as ...

Part 3 DIY PVC Wind Turbine Blades Steel Banded Reinforced Pop Rivet

22 Responses to Part 3 DIY PVC Wind Turbine Blades Steel Banded Reinforced Pop Rivet

  1. belgrademachine

    Thanks for the compliment! Well,? check my most recent upload for the current project which is a small axial flux turbine. I have some time off coming up and may do a few more scrap motor turbines that I would like to show the entire process. Stay tuned Sir

  2. kurd baru

    Good job , can? you guide me how to make turbine or complet wind turbine from start untill end thank you

  3. muddymuddymuddmann


  4. belgrademachine

    Exactly! And since all the blades are made in the same jig they are? all dimensionally identical to one another. Although I use PVC has the fatal flaw of degrading in weather the stresses on it are significantly reduced. I have made the standard PVC blades and blown them up just like the next guy :) That is essentially how I came up with this idea and have not broken one yet. They do work very well and are light weight … blades in this video are aprox 3oz each.

  5. muddymuddymuddmann

    Sweet! I noticed that the last 3 holes are left? open for mounting holes.

  6. Khanderao bhagwat

    if aluminium 14# sheet can be bent on desired profile(better than standard pipe) you? will better results than PVC pipes . can you suggest ideal profile ?

  7. belgrademachine

    Thanks for the compliment! I have intended to do follow? up videos on these blades for some time now. Please send a video response if you try this system. I believe there are other ways to do it without all the tooling.

  8. madoda64

    BRILLIANTand insightful…with the help of machinery. But the? workmanship is disicplined and precise. watched all 3 vids again it was great!!

  9. belgrademachine

    well .. I? figure a guy could figure out a way to make this with hand tools too .. perhaps better! Thanks for the comment and let me know if you make one.

  10. cwrobinson6363

    This is not fair! You have all? that cool equipment to work with.

  11. belgrademachine

    Thanks! Let me know if you make one, I only? know of two other people that have made these but they are very effective.

  12. kbbacon

    All three good? vids!

  13. belgrademachine

    Thank you!?

  14. belgrademachine

    Thanks for taking the time on this comment and I will likely? make another blade set. Although I don’t show it these blades are rather stiff but still flex somewhat like a spring. This is especially true once I set the rivets with the hammer. I do need to make the airfoil a little more conventional as you suggested. These tend run slow with high torque wich has worked well for my belt drive turbines. Thanks again

  15. cranelift

    Things I might do different. 1, The high windspeed side should have the head side of the rivit and? thats the convex side. Countersunk rivits could be used smoothing the outside even more.
    2, I would rather the rivit expand into the metal strip so as not to stress the plastic and the flat head of the rivit acts like a washer to spread the holding force over a larger area of the plastic blade. Since the inside (concave) is the low airpressure side put the metal strip inside.
    Nice work Thanx

  16. Corrina Reuss

    Home Made Energy known as Xobotano Home Energy (do a search on google) kept showing up here on different videos and I thought they were scam. However after my mate follow it, and finally save huge amounts of his electric bills by using it, I’m persuaded. Do not take my own word for it, search for? Xobotano Home Energy on google.

  17. belgrademachine

    great idea! A little spendy for that? stuff though isn’t it?

  18. belgrademachine

    I have not? .. good call! Wonder what size the holes are? Also, I have been making the steel strip a little wider and going for low end torque then gearing up. Thanks for the suggestion.

  19. belgrademachine

    I weigh them on a digital scale and horizontally oppose blades of similar weight (even # of blades). If your methodical when making them they wont vary more than two tenths of an ounce each. You will want to make? yourself a jig like the one shown. I realize most people don’t have a metal shear … you can also use steel pallet band for the steel. Perhaps there is another inexpensive or free source of strip steel? The steel prevents them from flying apart. Thanks for the interest

  20. belgrademachine

    True, perhaps I should redo the title but like anything else there is probably? a better way to attach thin steel to the front edge of a wind blade with simple tools. This is my way to make what I believe is a better pvc wind blade. A couple guys have already successfully made these and perhaps there are others! For me its kinda the fun of You tube. Thanks for the comment

  21. Holodeck3

    This is great but most of the? equipment you have the average person does not have so this is hardly DIY. I could buy 5 blades for much less that the investment in tools and heavy machinery you have.

  22. Jod Bronson

    Thank you !!!?

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