Oil Billionaire: Wind Turbines Are Ugly

Oil Billionaire: Wind Turbines Are Ugly

"Shale oil billionaire Harold Hamm said in an interview this week that clean energy doesn't deserve federal subsidies in part because windmills are haunting ...

Oil Billionaire: Wind Turbines Are Ugly

21 Responses to Oil Billionaire: Wind Turbines Are Ugly

  1. juan davis

    Save Energy you could cut your energy bills in half,or even completely

  2. Jessica Langerman

    I absolutely LOVE this. Thank you, Young Turks!

  3. ccsmiley2

    The irony is that wind turbines have killed thousands of birds

  4. Susan M


  5. mexicanexalted1

    booo, Animals covered in oil, so sad :(

  6. swirlcrop

    That´s irrelevant. Wind turbines are a clever fraud.

  7. Nomiss9

    I prefer nuclear energy for the efficiency, but surely you agree that this
    motherfucker should be shot for crying about what wind turbines look like
    while getting filthy rich off of oil?

  8. swirlcrop

    I like TYT but in this case they didn´t do their research.

  9. mike perrott

    11 billion, id be giving the homeless gucci


    Fyi i love this show


    Thorium is much better with the tech we have now than uranium or plutonium

  12. ETericET

    They referred me to the true source of your opinion, your ass.

  13. swirlcrop

    Call the Danish and Swedish govts. and ask them for the data.

  14. ETericET

    Source of your opinion please.

  15. ETericET

    No real power? Advisor to the GOP, no real power?

  16. Temperance Raziel

    I hadn’t heard that before, but I will look into it.

  17. venera13studios

    there where 6 thorium fuel cycle reactors in America, the last one was
    decommissioned in 1989.

  18. Temperance Raziel

    Not in America

  19. venera13studios

    there ave been and are a number of power plants that use Thorium fuel cycle.

  20. Sam Myers

    If swirlcrop (below) and Hamm die in a oil caused fire, it would be so
    ironic because oil sucks and its ruining the environment.

  21. theViomax

    Educate yourself. Your knee jerk reaction to the word nuclear is idiotic.

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