Nema 23 Stepper Motor Micro Wind Turbine Generator Steel Banded Blades

Nema 23 Stepper Motor Micro Wind Turbine Generator Steel Banded Blades

This is a micro wind turbine I designed and made based on a NEMA 23 brushless stepper motor. While these motors are not designed to be used outside they are ...

Nema 23 Stepper Motor Micro Wind Turbine Generator Steel Banded Blades

12 Responses to Nema 23 Stepper Motor Micro Wind Turbine Generator Steel Banded Blades

  1. not2fast4u2c

    That is a neat little project !!! I? have to learn more how to do the electric part I know how to do the mechanical parts I need to re study about Electronics

  2. belgrademachine

    No problem … to bad it won’t fit though. I will go ahead and put some of the stepper motor turbine parts up on ebay tonight. Check ebay user ID: belgrademachine by midnight mountain time. Been promising to list something for a long time now, you may find some other stuff to play with. I would like to see what you make in any case. Hoping? you post it

  3. cwrobinson6363

    Sorry; I hit the send post by accident on my last message. I just wanted to see if your Nema 23 frame fits my Nema 23. My? nema 23 is not the same model as yours.

    Thank You,

    C.W. Robinson

  4. cwrobinson6363

    Will you please send me the plans for your Nema 23 frame.? Also, if it is sized to fit me Nema 23 Stepper motor.

  5. Charles W

    Sir: I think you emailed me on 04/05/2013. By? accident, I deleted said email. If you can remember what you emailed me, will you please resend that email.

    Thank You,
    C.W. Robinson

  6. Charles W

    Sir: I know how to design and build a frame but, I just don’t have the tools that you have. I have designed my frame to my Nema 23 and made my swivel unit. I found a local company that I am going to visit that will do small jobs like this for $70.00? so I think that I might let them make from my drawings.

    Thank You very much again,

    C.W. Robinson 04/03/2013

  7. belgrademachine

    Made it … I have many. I? will pm you with the details.

  8. cwrobinson6363

    Sir: Did you make your motor frame.? If you purchased it, please let me know where I can get one. The one you are using will be perfact for my Nema 23 windturbine that I just completed.

  9. Charles W

    Just viewed your video today (01/28/2013) and believe it or not, I found the same stepper motor on line earlier? this same day. I called the main company in New York to find out where I can buy the Nema 23 but I could not get an answer. I knew from the specs that this had to be an assume motor and you just proved to me that I was correct. Now, I am going to order one tonight from somewhere in the US. Thank You for showing this video.

  10. belgrademachine

    Will do in the next? week or so .. I have been working on another video for the stepper motor turbine.

  11. KyleCarrington

    Awesome idea. Can you supply the exact model? number of the motor such that a person could buy the exact unit? thanks

  12. belgrademachine

    Thanks! I always thought it would be cool to run a bunch of these down a roof line and combine into a bus bar. With the light blades and hub it can change direction and get up to charge voltage very quickly. Good? for all the eddie winds getting around houses and trees.

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