Mini Wind Turbine

Mini Wind Turbine

Created using Avid Studio Please watch my other videos at: This demonstration video uses simple co...

Mini Wind Turbine

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  1. ScienceTubeToday

    I just tried to send you a? message with my website address, but it seems like you have a contact block and the message did not go through. Unfortunately per YouTube rules I can’t post links here in this dialogue box. If you add me as a contact, I think I can resend the message. Sorry.

  2. helen pinson

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  3. paespi

    awesome!? can I have the website to check on details specially where o get the stuff online? so I can have fun with my son? thanks!

  4. ScienceTubeToday

    Actually I have one. As it spins, it lights up light bulbs and small? appliances.

  5. Joe Mezzanini

    The trick is to build one that will power the fan and then plug the fan into? it!

  6. xxxxLUIGIxxxxBROSxxx

    thank you? so much

  7. Pradeep Deshmukh

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  8. ScienceTubeToday

    You can buy the black wire at Radio Shack, or maybe? at an electronics store.
    24 or 26 gauge will work just fine and the wire can be solid or stranded.
    I just sent you a message (please check it) with my website address where you will find detailed information and pictures on the Mini Wind Turbine. Have fun. Any questions, please let me know. :)

  9. Ethan Geller

    Also what are the lengths of the 2 big PVC pipes, the 2 small PVC pipes and? the long PVC pipe

  10. Ethan Geller

    Where can I get that black wire??

  11. ScienceTubeToday

    a) A stepper motor makes a great generator
    b) You are correct, a bicycle dynamo would work too, and very well
    c) A DC motor works too, but you have to look at the specs. Some require very high RPM so you would probably need to use gears for a better performance. ?

  12. MakkahMadinah

    thank? you!!

  13. boowonder888

    Hi, what is so special about a stepper motor wouldnt a dc motor perform the same?

    Or a bycicle dynamo or maybe that IS a stepper motor…?

  14. ScienceTubeToday

    Where I live, I can get that motor at a hobby? shop or a place like Fry’s Electronics. Look for a “stepper motor” online if you can’t find it near you. The other things you will need is a “spinner” which attaches the motor shaft to the propeller. I am sending you a message with my website address, so you can see more information and more detailed pictures on the Mini Wind Turbine. Take care…

  15. MakkahMadinah

    Can you please tell? me where you can get a motor like that (screw system)

  16. ScienceTubeToday

    Hello Ahmad,
    A step up transformer only increases the voltage, but not the watts that it puts out, so you would not have any actual gain. A transformer can step up voltage resulting in lower current or can? step up current resulting in lower voltage, but not both.

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