Making reinforced pvc blades for wind turbine.mp4

Making reinforced pvc blades for wind turbine.mp4

Youtuber Belgrademachine made some promising reinforced vinyl blades for his wind turbine. I am copying and adapting his method of making blades for my pma w...

Making reinforced pvc blades for wind turbine.mp4

8 Responses to Making reinforced pvc blades for wind turbine.mp4

  1. belgrademachine

    Very Nice Sir! And thanks for the mention, you are the second person I know
    of that has attempted to make these blades at this point. If possible you
    will want to weigh each one on a digital scale and horizontally oppose
    blades of similar weight for balance (even # of blades). I have had success
    with using steel pallet strapping as well but its important to make
    drilling jig so the rivets are spaced identical. Its great to see someone
    else on the planet making these .. can I say Im rather proud!

  2. Robinson Jhon C.

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  3. belgrademachine

    @wtam69 The rivets are 1/8 x 1/8″ all alminum and are spaced one inch
    apart. At the root and tip I space the 1/2″. I will eventually do another
    video with better details. Also, I imagine someone will look at this and
    come up with a better way. Thanks for the compliment!

  4. shartne

    did you have to spray varnish the sealer into your pma?

  5. wtam69

    @belgrademachine You certainly made it look easy but it isn’t. Just
    riveting properly is a challenge. What size rivets do you use? Weighing
    each piece is a great idea although I don’t have a scale for that purpose
    (I can ask the Post Office clerk to weigh them, not). I wouldn’t even
    bother making such a blade if it weren’t for your videos. Thanks for all
    the good tips. You embody the essence of Youtube, sharing something useful
    and doing it in a respectful manner.

  6. trailkeeper

    I wonder if its possible to heat the blades up and make them into an ideal

  7. wtam69

    @trailkeeper If I were to do it, it would probably melt :))

  8. wtam69

    @belgrademachine Thanks for the info.

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