how would I make a wind generator?

wind generator

how would I make a wind generator?
I would like plans to make a wind generator for my home to run a few lights during a storm.

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Answer by Paul
You could make a very crude wind generator by putting a blade from box fan on a DC motor. You could use it to charge batteries and hook them up to a small inverter. Wouldn't be much power though.

If you hunt around on-line, you can find small 3 to 5 kW wind turbines commercially. Try Real Goods or Home Power magazine for some ideas.

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  1. yenkoman1969

    A motor is an electrical device that turns electrical energy into mechanical energy. I really don’t think that is what you’re after. You want to turn mechanical into electrical, right? Okay, in old cars, before they had alternators, they had generators. Snag one of these at a junk yard. It will charge a 12 volt DC battery. I have never done this, I am just theorizing as I type. Anywho, campers use 12 volt DC lighting as a back up. Heck even the fridges run on 12v, propane, NG, or AC. In theory, fabricate blades to this generator, with a voltage regulator and there you go. Actually, here is what I do. I used camping lighting that burns clean fuel and flashlights, but if you simply had an inverter, you could actually run a few things via you car. Another suggestion, a more serious one. Look at the way they make campers so self sufficient. 2 lighting systems, where one runs on AC and the other DC of 12 volt batteries. Not a bad idea for your house? They have there own battery charger, which you could put in your house, that keeps these batteries full whenever you are plugged into AC. Add a 12 volt light system to your storm center, add a camping stove with a small portable tank, vent the area. This stove could cook and serve as a source of heat. Get the fridge that runs on anything, what else do you need? Oh yeah, plans for a wind generator. Dragonfly Wind Generator. That’s what you are in need of. Perfect for residential.

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