How to store energy from a wind turbine?

wind turbine

How to store energy from a wind turbine?
I have a small wind turbine, and i was just wondering, how would i store the energy for later use? Every time i connect it to a battery, the turbine starts spinning, and the battery gets used up. Can you please tell me how to store the energy from the turbine? Thanks.

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Answer by munish4u_911ex
You dint tell what is the turbine's output voltage and what of the battery's. What is happening in ur circuit is that the current from the battery is flowing back to the turbine & driving it as a motor.

I will suggest putting a diode in series with the turbine-battery circuit, so the current cant flow back. connect the +ve terminal of diode to the +ve terminal of the turbine (i.e. when it's producing energy) & the -ve of the diode to the +ve of battery. Then the turbine wont rotate because of the battery. But when the turbine's voltage will be > that of the battery's while rotating, the battery will get charged.

Note that the turbine's voltage must be > {battery's voltage + diode's fwd voltage drop (0.7V) } in order to get the battery charged. I will also suggest to put a suitable resistor (5-10 ohms) in series with diode so as to limit the charging current to the battery.
Hope that will help :)

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