How to pump out water from 600 feet deep boring by wind turbine in wasteland desert condition?

vertical wind turbine

How to pump out water from 600 feet deep boring by wind turbine in wasteland desert condition?
I am working on a desert wasteland reclamation project and need a technology to use windpower to pump fresh (read brackish) water from very deep boring. There is no electricity and the community involved is too poor to pay for any expensive technology. But there are good mechanics who can make a suitable wind turbine pump if someone provides drawings/details.

One possible solution is Rotary Borehole Pump. But we do not know how to make it. Can someone help, please?

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Answer by Rail
Another would be a shovel, can the citizens afford that?

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  1. Naddo

    WTF! If you do not have electricity how are you on the computer asking your question on Y! Answers? HAH!

  2. daanzig

    try going to this site it could help point you in the right direction

  3. mcmustang1992

    Assuming you have sun, use a solar electric powered down-hole pump.

  4. Jeffrey S

    You would have to be able to afford a pump that has over 600 feet of head capability. Then you would line the well, drop the pump down the well opening and attach shaft segments to turn the pump until you had over 600 feet of shaft. Then you can connect the shaft to the pump and viola, water.
    So, I don’t think you will be able to do all this with the locals fabricating everything.

  5. Left_Field

    I’m not sure you’d want to punp brackish water over the ground, but if you must:

    One way to do it is with a simple piston pump. The only catch is that the pump would be located near the bottom of the well and be driven by a long rod. The rod could be driven by a wind turbine.

    As for sizing the components: The wind turbine would probably spin slowly but have lots of torque, so many blades (high solidity) would be desireable. The pump would be pushing against a large head (600ft of water) so a smallish diameter piston would be good. If you find that the windmill doesn’t deliver enough torque, you could gear it down until it capable of driving the pump. Some sort of counterweight would help in the arrangement as well to account for the weight of the long rod.

  6. StayBZ

    I found this info sometime back and it might be of interest to you
    Water can be readily pumped from a well using an air-lift pump. In the field, you can improvise and make a pump using compressed air and the proper piping arrangement. The assembly consists of a vertical discharge (eductor)pipe and a smaller air pipe. Both pipes are submerged in the well below the pumping level of the pump’s length. The compressed air goes through the air pipe to within a few feet of the bottom of the eductor pipe and is then released inside the eductor pipe. A mixture of air bubbles and water forms inside the eductor
    pipe. This mixture flows up and out the top of the eductor pipe. The pumping action that causes water to rise as long as compressed air is supplied is the difference in hydrostatic pressure inside and outside the pipe resulting from the lowered specific gravity of the mixed column of water and air bubbles. The energy operating the air lift is contained in the compressed air and released in the form of bubbles in the water.
    Also compressed air could be stored, for when there are no winds

  7. buzzard 2

    Areomotor was a U.S. company that made/sold the old windmills in the U.S. Last I heard it was sold to Argentina. But I think StayBz has a better answer.

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