How To Make A Wind Generator – Essential Tips To Building Your Own Windmill

The notion of windmill power tends to fetch a bit of excitement back into our lives, causing us to fleetingly think back to our youthful days in school. Wind generators are gaining in value when we consider today's depleted natural resources and our troubled economy. Many people, in an effort to combat this dilemma, have decided to build their own wind power generators in an effort to save some of their hard earned money.

With that said, I would like to recommend several tips that the budding builder should keep in mind as they gear up for their construction project. By observance, with these guidelines, you will hastily be on your way to enjoying the life of a windmill owner and operator.

- Always begin your project by constructing a sturdy base to act as the windmill support. Since you will be positioning the windmill in one location, you should consider the use of concrete footings for holding the supports firmly in place.

- Your windmill tower can be made from strong plywood, but must be sturdy.

- You will want the blades to move frequently and in a free manner without any sort of hindrance.

- Premade quality blades will more then likely provide you with the best possible power. In the event this is not feasible, then you can make your blades out of strong plywood as well. The blades should be proportional to the size of the tower itself.

- Pay attention to the construction of your gear box, as this can actually be the weakest link in your complete project. The gearbox should permit the windmill to freely turn yet capture the energy that it makes.

There you have it. I have merely scratched the surface of the tips and hints.

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