How to Build Wind Generators ? Build a Wind Generator

Finding the right plans to learn how to build wind generators was probably the hardest part of the whole project. It took us months to locate reliable plans to build both small and large wind generators.

For our first one, and probably yours too, we didn’t want to build a great big home wind power machine. We wanted the project to be manageable. Of course it wouldn’t produce as much power as we wanted but we figured we could build a larger one later (and we did).

Let’s get started- what will you need?

· Detailed plans on how to build wind generators

· A shop or garage big enough to work in

· Simple tools- wrenches, saws, screwdrivers etc.

It’s nice that the plans are designed so that any home handyman can complete the project, no special tools or skills are needed.

The blades for a wind turbine under 5 feet blade diameter (30 inch blades) are made from strong PVC pipe. It is easy to cut and easy to work with. The blades are cut on kind of an angle to center so they work better in the wind.

Don’t worry the plans cover all of the details.

A DC motor is used as a turbine to make power from the wind. Learning how to build a wind generator is really just a simple matter of sizing the motor to the blades, the bigger the motor the bigger the blades.

The body and tail of the machine, it was suggested that we use a free source of stainless steel material so it would weather better.

The tower we also got for free. It seems that people have no use for their old TV towers as they are switching to satellite. These towers are strong, light and easy to find.

Our first wind generator turned out great and only cost about $120 including the plans. We use it along with our solar panels and bio diesel generator to power our home completely off grid.

What if you want to build a bigger one as we chose to do right after this project?

The only real difference is that you will need bigger blades, at least 8 foot diameter (4 foot individual blades) and they should be made from wood.

You need straight clear grained wood with no knots, cedar, spruce or any strong hardwood will work.

While the PVC blades can be made in an hour or so, wooden blades take about a day to complete. Most of the rest of the machine is the same, whether big or small, perhaps a bigger body and frame for the larger models.

Aren’t you tired of rising electric bills?

Isn’t it time you built your own too?

Build A Wind Generator, get started now at the preceding website for all the details to cut your electric bill by learning how to build a wind generator.

Learning how to build a wind generator was one of the smartest moves we made in our off grid life. It is the fastest most economical way to produce the most power possible by building wind generators.

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