How to Build Wind Generator ? Advantages of Using Wind Power

The increase in cost for energy in our modern world today has forced us to choose other viable energy solutions. Several of those alternative solutions are solar power, wind power and hydro power.

Solar power is the most popular solution, however the reliability of sunlight can be quite problematic especially if sunlight is not particularly strong. Wind power is another popular approach as the cost of using wind is free and more than that unlimited in supply.

Let’s capitalize on wind energy by learning how to build wind generator that can supply your house for less than $500.

1. First Preparation

The first thing you may want to do is to consider whether you want to build the entire wind generator from scratch, or assembly different parts bought from suppliers. However, I must warn you that the price of buying different parts of wind generator can cost you up to $2000 or even more.

Another consideration you may want to consider is the supply of wind in your local area. Maybe your area is not too windy but has a lot of water supply; in that case building wind generator will be useless.

2. The Best Combination

The best combination is to combine wind power and solar power for maximum advantages. So you can supply the energy for your house fully for one whole year.

3. What You Need To Start

What you need to start is a do it yourself guide available for download on many websites. Some enough space to work preferably garage, and some equipment. Some of the equipments you will need are DC motor and PVC pipe. The larger your electric needs, the bigger blade diameters you will need.

Building your own wind generator can be fun and easy to do, just do it and you will get a whole new supply of extra electric energy for years.

If you want to learn how to build your own wind generator, check out Michael Harvey Earth4Energy guide. Check out my Earth4Energy review here.

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