How should i start my energy/wind turbine company?

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How should i start my energy/wind turbine company?
I am a 23 year old student. It is my ambition to develop a company that generates energy through offshore wind farm using wind turbines. It has not been attempted in my city (nor in my country) yet but the wind blows EVERYDAY! So much so that the town i live in is called the 'windy city'. I always day dream of how successful this a company of this nature could become. Is there anyone out there with some solid advice for me??

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Answer by Leona
You need a lot of money to do that ! Do your research if you gonna have your company you have to know what are you doing. Find out if government of your city or country can get you a grant to start...
Good luck!
P.S. If you going to be a successful, I would going to have to charge you a consulting fee! :)

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  1. vicinic

    you’ll need $ 100,000,000 to pay off the politicians, the president or leader of the government will need at least 50% of that himself in his Swiss account to make sure the regulations pass.


    There may be government grants available to try and get. Also there may be some investors that will help you out, if the plan is good. living in Chicago, I am sure there is a forward thinking investor.

    Keep me update on what develops

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