How much energy does a personal wind turbine produce?

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How much energy does a personal wind turbine produce?
By personal wind turbine, I mean not one of those gigantic ones, but a smaller one that you can have in your own yard, or on top of your roof.

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Answer by Raymond
From what i've researched on the internet and seen, You might be able to actually make a working model that can be used for something small like home lighting, etc.......but forget about running your many kitchen appliances on it....Most of them are inefficient electric motors that use high amperages. Which tends to kill batteries. There is no way you'd be able to generate long term constant power enough for reliable use of ...say ... a mircrowave oven.
Some of the medium sized wind turbines may be able to do so, but now your talking more money, more room, more engineering.............

You'd be better off with solar panels.

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  1. John W

    Well, they have to be about 30 feet above any surrounding buildings or trees, they have to be two tower heights distant from any building and they must fall entirely on your land should they fall in any direction so unless you have an acreage, you’re not getting a wind turbine.

    Do it yourself turbines from the 70’s were typically made with an automobile alternator and therefore the maximum power ratings were about 720 watts with them. A quick look at the wind turbines listed on Amazon shows that most are about 450 watts and some are 750 watts. Keep in mind that you can only expect production 1/6 th of the time, the most you would get out of one of the larger turbines would be about 1/10th of the average home energy use.

  2. Neville Pettersson

    You can generate anywhere from a few hundred watts up to 1-2 kw or more. It depends on what turbine you get.

    You can buy cheap kit sets or individual parts and make your own to save money.

  3. thor

    The small ones I see on boats are usually around 500 watts. How much energy you get out of them depends completely on what the wind conditions are where you live. Where I am now, there is hardly ever any wind. My last house had an appreciable amount of wind 99% of the time, so would produce much more power per day.

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