How does a Vertical Axis Wind turbine work?

vertical wind turbine

How does a Vertical Axis Wind turbine work?
i am writing a report and i need to know how the generator on a VAWT works please thanks ~William~

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Answer by Starrysky
Each vertical vane is an airfoil (airplane wing) that generates lift as air passes by it. This lift is changed into rotational torque because of the position of the vane with respect to the vertical axle.

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  1. Gerry

    Vertical Wind Power is a turbine which has a rotating blade and is installed vertically. It is designed is such a manner so that it can easily be mounted on a platform or flat roof.

    3 Reasons Why you need to consider Verticle Wind Power
    Vertical Wind Power is easy to maintain.
    It can be installed near the ground so there is no need to build a high tower.
    It can easily catch the wind regardless of the winds direction.

    Verticle Wind Power
    This type of wind power is usually utilized in the urban and rural areas. This machine can be installed in a location closer to the ground and since it’s vertically positioned, there is no need to point its blades to the winds direction.

    Vertical wind generators produce electricity using the same principles as that of an ordinary or standard wind power generator. The blades will rotate when the wind blows by it. As soon as the blades start rotating, it will generate electricity which is stored in a battery for your daily consumption.

    These types of turbines are very suitable to residential use. But just like any other wind power generators, vertical wind power has its advantages and disadvantages.

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