How do you take a generator head off of a generator motor?

wind generator motor

How do you take a generator head off of a generator motor?
I have an old generator that the motor doesn't run. I want to salvage the generator head and make something like a wind, steam, or bio diesel generator I haven't made my mind up yet. But for now I need to dismantle the head from the motor. I think it has some kind of a ratio box on it too I'm not sure I've never done this before. I sure would appreciate any help!

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Answer by Warren914
The generator end should unbolt, followed by the stator. Remove everything you can and all that should remain is the rotor attached to the engine crank shaft.
There is a bolt through the center of the rotor shaft to hold it to the tapered fitting on the crank. Loosen this off, remove the lock washer, and put back in place. Leave about the space of the lock washer between the bolt head and the shaft.
Hold the entire thing vertically with the weight held by the rotor. Now hit the bolt sharply with a hammer. It should be enough to break the tapered shaft away from the rotor. Lay everything flat, remove the bolt and the rotor should come off in your hands.

I have a few pictures showing a ColemanPowermate 1850 generator being dismantled. It may help give an idea what to do.

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