How can an car alternator be used as a wind generator?

wind generator

How can an car alternator be used as a wind generator?
I am talking about an electric car alternator, an electric alternator needs a current first to generate magnet, then the rotating magnet generates electricity. In the wind power case, at the beginning, there is no electricity to generate magnet, how to make electricity?

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Answer by G33K
An alternator is already a generator (i do believe it is a DC current, since that's what a car's battery runs on). All you need to do is mount it higher, remove the wheel that the belt goes onto, and connect the alternator to a voltage regulator and a battery. If you want to connect it to your house to help ease your electric bill, you need an AC power inverter. Here are a few helpful pages:

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  1. molitor

    connect it to…wait for it…a battery!

  2. Rudydoo

    Hey HP, you can use a car alternator for a wind turbine, but it turns out to be a lousy application, I’ll explain. We actually built one some years ago, since the alternator needs battery power to excite its field, it draws a small amount of power from the battery all the time, while it produces, and also while it is waiting for wind. At the end of a day, a good portion of it’s produced energy was used up waiting for wind to blow. On top of that, the car alternator is designed to be lightweight, and operate in a very large range of RPMs, it is very inefficient in terms of power produced for horsepower input, and they always come with a belt pulley attached, something no wind turbine would be caught dead using.

    If you want to build your own turbine, get a small electric scooter motor. They are inexpensive, small, have permanent magnets and ball bearing races so they are more efficient, and many have a chain cog on the shaft, a much better application for wind power. You’ll have to gear it up a bit so it turns at maybe 1500 rpms or so, but the no. 25 chain they use on them is lightweight and inexpensive, and you can get a larger cog for the propeller shaft on your turbine for just a few dollars. I will list a good website below for parts.

    We have a turbine operating at our place, but it is a commercially manufactured one. I tried building a few, but my handy work was not up to the challenge. I have a few other sources you might be interested in below also. Good luck, and take care, Rudydoo

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