Homemade Wind Generator (free energy)

Video of my homemade wind generator. You can see how to build one at www.thekevdog.com

10 Responses to Homemade Wind Generator (free energy)

  1. sonicxlc123

    can u just rip the alternator out of a car an attach a fan to it an use it alternator make electricity how it charges the battery

  2. perkinsfan

    when you say “transfer”, what do you mean. I get the point that as the generator turns due to the wind the wires would twist, but what can you do to keep that from happening?

  3. GodLovesJeffFisher

    Location Saturday May 3oth
    Google Jeff Bootstraps Fisher
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    Call Us Free @ 877-7-CIGARS
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  4. blackstormelf

    Cool!!!Im building one for my cabin!

  5. rednecksavant

    the pipe pivot is nice – hope you put a transfer in there and aren’t just letting your wires twist.

  6. bigearl6969

    sweet but it needs to be easier to build

  7. a1mint

    How much power can you get out of this windmill?

  8. firas919191

    More people need to be like you! save the earth, wind power

  9. battlesix

    thats sweet

  10. map0quest

    Awesome gj mate

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