home made wind turbine/generator/motor

home made wind turbine/generator/motor

www.windchasers.eu, this video is a reply to alot of e-mails that I get, asking me HOW DO I KNOW IF A MOTOR IS GOOD FOR A WIND TURBINE, well this one was free from a skip just took me 3 minutes to undo 2 bolts from an old treadmill, NOW THERE'S LOADS OF SCAMS ON E-BAY, people selling anything as wind turbines, and over rating their motors for sale ,NOW get the knowledge and info for free BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING, visit my website, www.windchasers.eu, join the forum for free, become a member for free and see how you can build a good solid working wind turbine also for free, now isn't that good advice DO IT FOR FREE, I will tell you how FOR FREE. Too good to believe well see my other videos and come onboard and introduce yourself to the forum members.thank you WINDCHASER

home made wind turbine/generator/motor
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23 Responses to home made wind turbine/generator/motor

  1. Carlos007007ful

    Hello? friend, 75 rpm, 12 volts?
    could charge a battery?

  2. willavr

    @dogfacecow 340 rpm is? quite slow…

  3. coyleo1111

    went to yr site no fone number to ring yous i will buy asap plz get back to? me

  4. writerNB

    @Kevakazii – I’ve only worked on low voltage devices professionally while high voltage TVs remain a (lethal) hobby. Haven’t built a wind turbine (yet) so these are educated guesses. DC Motor will produce a max amp output (max load). Correct cables support that maximum load? (current). Eg: 4mm cable can carry a max 25amp load. Safe designs include a “dump load”, DC isolator, blocking diode and charge controller. All electronics start with safety guides – even small amperages can stop our hearts.

  5. KireinaHana

    Rpm per volt is not a linear equation. Every percent rpm lost actually equals a greater and greater percent loss in power.?

  6. Kevakazii

    hi all i need someones? help, i understand how to build the turbine and what motor to select but im confused as to what i need to buy in order to get the power from it. What cables do i connect to the motor and how do i connect them to batteries as to charge them, feel free to inbox me if u have a clue.

  7. TheRealDealinlife

    If you could get The? New and Improved Generator to work than that would be that best generator.

  8. beamerboy325e

    Hi, nice video!? can I use a 3 phase motor from a home air condition unit?

  9. windturbinesinc

    We always consume electrical energy in our households. Businesses consume more than regular usage. Since the use of power? supply is constant and the growth of power usage is too fast. It can result to a power outage and just being resolved by simply using generators but generators are expensive. Then there’s wind power, the cheapest way to replace generators since wind is just free.

  10. dapieman123

    can you sell me one. I am doing a science project and I am making my own wind turbine. ? I’ll pay up to 20 american dollars. You could send my the motor and I’ll send you the money.

  11. HomeWindGenerator

    Cool video, See why so many Liked it. Check out my channel if you like RENEWABLE ENERGY. On Earthday 2010 my RoofMill invention won a green design award. ? :)

  12. pyroman675

    what are you? charging?

  13. wilbeckj

    Nice wind generator, but if I understand right, you can just simply hook up? an electric battery to a windmill, that produces electricity? thanks.

  14. SuperGreenfreedom

    Amazing video!


    I am looking to build my own wind turbine already crafted some PVC blades and a tower to put the generator on.

    So yes the main part is missing, i am trying to find some sort of DC motor here in europe that has the specs of your motor, no luck yet :(

    Also I am trying to? convert a ceiling fan to a generator (muddymudman’s tutorial)
    only problem so far are finding the materials here in europe.

    Many greetings and love to see more of your video’s!

  15. iownudie108

    u cant get it that fast with a simple blade, u need some gears dude!?

  16. checksummedchest

    Belive it or not Free energy is real,But Elite controllers don’t want ppl to be free? from the costs of energy,Get a REAL working magnet motor at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Start the revolution!

  17. SmallWindTurbines

    nice? explanation for a science project or tinkering around to charge a battery

  18. foil666

    Portugal? Well, maybe I’ll see you around buddy.?

  19. ocendo1

    I have the same motor,only litle beter-230 V-DC,4800 rounds,2000 W,cant find good charge controler vith dump load.Can you sugest some solution.All of new sold wind turbine? are tree faze AC generators.Thanks

  20. happygameshow

    what happens when it? goes faster then 340RPM?

  21. gophomaxx

    amperes are important, more so than the volts when you are calculating electric power. what is the? amps?

  22. slanderousndgs

    Free Energy is real and? its here! The Oil companies are doing everything they can to stop this

    information. If you want a Free energy magnet motor , get the blueprints at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM , Join the


  23. redsam888

    thanks man, gret? video!

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