home made wind turbine kit 22A 33V =over 700watts

home made  />wind turbine</b> kit 22A 33V =over 700watts

Completed mill build plans with furling tail,12V - 48V, 200W up to 2.5KW see ebay under "wind turbine plans" look for thewindmillman for my booklet on this build.

home made wind turbine kit 22A 33V =over 700watts

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  1. CBKillas

    I have built 4 out of alternators. They work so well, I was surprised. I have a bank of 6 batteries, all used, but tested good. At 2% starting charge, on a somewhat breezy? day, took under 4 hrs to peak the bank. 8000w inverter ran at 25% lasted longer than I had time to test. (6 hrs, wind blowing). It works. Period. And, alternators are internally regulated. Can’t get any easier.

  2. TheWindMillMan

    the 3 phase turbine connects directly to a 3 phase GTI, the best type of connection the GTI is 1000w solid input and 1500w peak it is £500 door to door, I also suggest and use another? unit DC input so wind and solar can be run through it same as it can on the 3 phase but DC = £475 door to door ,I sell these units at these prices as i get them cheaper as I order them bulk both units have an over power dump load built in and so are the best under £1000 unit on the market today

  3. drok59cc96

    (wind turbine) Getting the item? built is one thing, but what are the costs in connecting it to a ac systme (home)?

  4. thegreatwoodlife

    It’s a Car alternator. You can get one from a junk yard. their purpose is to spin off a belt pully, and it recharges the car battery while the car drives, keeping power for your spark plugs, radio, headlights and all electronics from draining the car battery.
    They are called “stators” on motorcycles, and? “generators” for diesel engine vehicles, but they all do the same basic thing, and all can be used the same way.
    Hope that helps.

  5. TheWindMillMan

    sorry bud the full build booklets a sell? are proper mills to do work

    cheers andy

  6. venkbabu66

    nice and can any? one sent me any free plans !!!
    I need free plans, can anyone pls

  7. deahera

    -Yes, a good generator, a nice video … but it’s not your fault if someone misses? the grammar and the others follow. Have fun :-)

  8. TheWindMillMan

    excellent I aint no spark, but I think the word power covers them both dont you think and that is? powers the name have a good day
    cheers andy

  9. deahera

    units which are named from their inventor does not have the plural, so? it is said Watts, but Watts, not ohms but ohm, etc…Luckily I have not seen gausses…. lol .(it is wrong to even say volt, it sayd volta) Unfortunately, the ignorant people we change the rules. Excuse my English :-)

  10. TheWindMillMan

    home made alternator see my booklets on ebay by the wind mill man? all details in there

  11. TheWindMillMan

    – no the mill nearest to us in video my home made alternator from my? booklest for sale on ebay should you want to build one the same

  12. LostInMadness220

    What motor do you use?? alternator, electric motor – from what appliance?

  13. TheWindMillMan

    the home build mill is on the analogue A meter so readings from it top at 22 A see my more recent videos of the? new build catalonia mill 2.5KW
    cheers andy

  14. eloid777

    what did you use as the generator to get 22a this? combine both wind turbines?

  15. TheWindMillMan

    well I have the wind turbine plans here should you need a plan of attack
    good? luck keep me up to date on my pizza

  16. lennchma

    Yes but first I must build wind turbine.? I’m planning to combine wind turbine and solar cells.

  17. TheWindMillMan

    get those pizza,s on i say


  18. lennchma

    Some KWh’s are better then none =)
    My laptop could run 1538 hours using 100? KWh or my electric owen could run 50 hours :))
    So, that’s arround one hundred pizza’s baked!

  19. TheWindMillMan

    jeffa989 – i’m sorry i cant help you out with the graph again all areas are different you will have to survey the area around you to find the most all year round best avarage build area, and your local? weather report web page should be backwards compatible for a few years weather wise,

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