Gwindoline – vertical axis wind turbine

Gwindoline - vertical axis wind turbine

A vertical axis wind turbine made of an empty oil barrel. High performance DIY and perfect rendering in AutoCAD

Gwindoline - vertical axis wind turbine

18 Responses to Gwindoline – vertical axis wind turbine

  1. myownspiritlevel

    Interesting project, but wind and solar aren’t viable energy sources to run any industrialized nation. I’d need thousands of these to power? my home. Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, hot tubs, pool pumps, sprinkler pumps, wood working machines, computers, televisions, stoves, ovens, water heaters, stereos, amplifiers, leaf blowers, and lighting are some things we’re not going to give up. Don’t lose too much sleep over the planet exploding. Anthropogenic global warming is a fraud.

  2. flupoop

    Nette Idee! Wie hoch ist eigentlich? der Wirkungsgrad?

  3. d suzi maystrom

    This could also work? as an affordable homemade outdoor airfiltering technique, for contaminated atmospheres .It could use pollution absorbing paint and aircleaning filters that can be washed off.,for dual useage.

  4. Roger Jean Zamofing

    Just found this amazing open-source-product and answer to the question of energy autonomy for the poorer half of humanity. Is there any possibility to also spread the AutoCAD-files further than in the training-video. Could we get the original file too to not reinvent the wheel? And last? question: What is your experience with the forces on the bearings of vertical turbines?

  5. CJLeTeff

    Beautiful and well? thought out design!

  6. agentlumino

    Welcome Friends, 100.000 views – I thank you all. Especially your interest in green energy is warming my soul and gives me hope for the future.
    A main brain in developing these turbines is my friend Richard? Schultes.
    So if you have technical questions, please write to
    Greetings from Vienna.
    — Only the globalization of information has the power to save our planet —

  7. Antonio Carlos Carlos

    Congratulations for the work.

    Lives in a Rural Area in Brazil; Please know how can I say feed an entire house several multiplying this?
    How would channel all the energy for the house, or would have to mount several of these to make a? kind of gear connected by straps and connect the generator all in one?
    Do you know where I can find copies of a project generator wind energy?
    Or any site where you have this information.

    Thanks so much to chence to watch your video.

    ragarding best.

  8. HAL?T ??M?EK

    very good this? easy amazing

  9. Ata Almasaeed

    very good joob ? ??? ?????

  10. a2zhandi

    NICE job fellas~!?

  11. lionxuser

    hi…? super idee erst ma :D
    die weiter entwicklung wäre dann das eine mechanik instaliert wird die die rotorblätter einfährt bei zu starkem wind… so könnte die turbine dann bei jedem wetter laufen…

  12. Re Ja

    Super, bardzo prosty i ?atwy pomys? jak zrobie sam to te?? dam zna?

  13. rickmacalpine

    Hi guys! If you want any further informations about? our recycling windturbines, contact me: We are still in a process of developing and upgrading our ideas.
    Thank you Andreas, you made a wonderful job with this video!!!
    Richard Schultes

  14. jefw37

    Great Job!? This is the one for me! Thank you…..Jeff

  15. catalina catalan lopez

    muy bueno? gracias

  16. legalizeshemp420

    Need to be a lift? system.

  17. Bgaganda

    I got a much simpler and efficient idea working as wind turbine, water wheel and water turbine. Yes, you got it right; one single design working underwater, above water and in air. Watch it here.

    Samory wheel: three in one -? YouTube

  18. Liencis1983

    amazing job? guys. :)

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