GOOD: Mini Wind Turbines Our planet is a fragile ecosystem. To keep it in balance, well have to figure out how to harness nature to generate clean, affordable energy. Catapult Design in San Francisco has one answer. Their turbines are cheap and practical, and can power a light or charge a cell phone in villages that are off the grid.

GOOD: Mini Wind Turbines

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  1. formerutuber

    BAD: mini wind turbines

  2. billmalta1

    I definitely love the idea ;o) Keep it up!

  3. billmalta1

    VAWT are connected star connection (3phases) witch gives them more power at low rpm… they are design to start at very low and turbulent wind speed while keeping at low rpm in case of strong wind 350 rpm max… on the other hand HAWT are usually connected in delta connection witch gives them more power at high rpm (800 rpm at max for most of the small ones) In this case these horizontal axis need constant wind speed to be able to start generating. both need a special environment…

  4. blnami


  5. hebay2

    there are too many stresses on these types of turbines…very high winds could damage them and the bearings have a lot of tension on them…they might look nice but conventional turbines are are better long term bet and can reach a higher rpm

  6. techdavey1000

    In hot countries (it looked hot and sunny to me) photovoltaic is probably a better bet. Although I live in windy North Cornwall it is surprising how often there is no wind. In particular there is often no wind at night because the cooling land creates a wind pressure that opposes the usual sea-to-land wind. Winter is different! You may have to hang on to your hat and walk at an angle of 45 degrees! Megawatts, Gigawatts going to waste!

  7. Frakshaw44

    @ 29, that is so sad that little village is right under the golden gate bridge, so close to all the wealth of SF. I never noticed them thatch huts down there b-4…

  8. onthe3dge95

    can we get a copy of the design from anywhere?

  9. iohin

    @Freshbott2 it doesn’t mean they have to be sitting next to the turbine with a fan, they might be inside their home.

  10. Iwillownyou8012

    tree huggers!

  11. bouchou77

    can you please send the design of the wings?

  12. rjanis123

    now.. you wouldn’t happen to have a couple million dollars laying around would you?
    for final stages of r & d and marketing… there’s a mint to be made here.. and it could make some great changes…
    never happen though.. big oil still a major political party ..
    I think maybe genius is a bit much.. but I am very grateful .. you just made my night
    Peace :):)

  13. Kamrua

    you… you are a pure genius!

  14. TayouJin

    No gym equipment’s needed. Just couple a bicycle to it.

  15. rjanis123

    right, but lots of other people in other places do.. and those people use lots and lots of electricity .. imagine if you could go to a spinning class, and charge up your lap top battery, your black berry and your PDA all while keeping fit, and powering the health club at the same time…
    better yet, imagine the money that the company that copyrights or markets that would make.

  16. MPhilPsychology

    Good idea, but I guess the issue is that people in these areas dont’ go to spinning that much… ;-)

  17. CloudyChambers

    Quite ingenious! Thanks for sharing this with me.

  18. toeg1

    You need to add a storage device such as a battery. This is fantastic, but to really make it practical, it needs to couple its usefulness with the ability to harness its energy even during down time. Then the idea of a coupling device, such as a piece of gym equipment, becomes practical and even logical.

  19. Plutonwolf

    And it may help slow deforestation in third world areas!!! Cutting trees for fuel is a major source of deforestation.

  20. Plutonwolf

    Some places are actually doing this! I will try to find the vid I saw about this and share it with you…..but don’t count on my finding it, I am still completely at ends as yet…..go away for a couple of months and DANG!!!

  21. rjanis123

    !!! brainstorm in progress !!!
    okay, so they used bicycle gearing to transfer energy from the turbine to the alternator right? stay with me now.. this only SOUNDS silly .. but .. why couldn’t something like this be developed to use a stationary bicycle? or some other piece of gym equipment?
    why not attach it to an elliptical climber for example? imagine how much energy a “spinning class” could produce and store!!

  22. acid6913

    How can I get a hold of your team. We need to speak.

  23. Wolfgang42m

    Geothermal isnt that efficient to produce electricity, in many countries the heat from the earth is used to control air conditioning warm/cold according to season so you can waste less money and electricity on apparatus. Therefore windturbine are giving pure energy>electricity, not a way to reduce wastage

  24. Squashedbugz

    They do actually, harvesting wind energy in just 6-7 states in the U.S could power up all the entire country.I’m sure you could find enough good spot to (maybe) power up the whole world.

    BUT i’ll take geothermal energy over nuclear or wind any day =). Clean, infinite and unlike wind or solar energy, you can harvest it at it’s full efficiency 24/7.

  25. mlh8723

    Nuclear FTW!

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