Flying Through A Huge Wind Turbine, Enercon E-82 FPV RC Helicopter Heli Stunt Blades Mill Funny Fail

Autorotation, chasing a bike and flying through a wind turbine. 19th and 20th FPV helicopter flight Live video feed, video from onboard camera gets transmitted in real time to the video goggles. FPV= acronym for "First Person View" Setup: Standard Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 Aluminum rotor head Aluminum washout base ACE RC BLC-40 ESC; Settings: Helicopter mode without governor (Throttle curves), Standard timing, Quick throttle response, No brake, Light discharge protection Hacker A20-6XL motor without cooling fan (broken at a crash), 15 tooth pinion Thunder Power 11,1V 3s 20C 2600mAh LiPo battery (weighs only 188 g!) or RockAmp 11,1V 3s 2200mAh 30C (193g, but very powerful!!!) 3x EMAX ES08A swash plate servos from BEVRC, 10.5mm servo arm length 1x Futaba S3154 digital tail servo, 8.5mm servo arm length Robbe- Futaba GY-240 gyro BBT Maniac 321 CFK blades, 2nd choice Align Tail Rotor Blades for T-Rex 450 (plastic) Graupner- JR MX-16S, 40 Mhz transmitter (+ emergency booster) Multiplex RX-7 SYNTH DS IPD 40 MHz receiver with 1,75m antenna (Lamda/4) Approx. 2600 rpm headspeed +- 7° blade pitch FPV Setup: 1,3 GHz 400 mW video transmitter from BEVRC ( with small Lawmate 3 dBi antenna Lawmate 1,3 GHz (1.2, 1.3 GHz) video receiver with BEVRC 3 dBi antenna (upper plastic casing removed, should be better for 1280MHz) Video receiver powered with 11,1V LiPo battery 1,2 or 1,3 GHz transmitters are legal in Austria with Radio (Ham) License between 1240 and 1300 MHz up to ...

Flying Through A Huge Wind Turbine, Enercon E-82 FPV RC Helicopter Heli Stunt Blades Mill Funny Fail

25 Responses to Flying Through A Huge Wind Turbine, Enercon E-82 FPV RC Helicopter Heli Stunt Blades Mill Funny Fail

  1. Ozarkorganicshiitake

    Nice UAV/FPV, I’m jeaulous.

  2. 176839486729

    brilliant :)

  3. Thakrulll

    @ResistIslamToday =)

  4. ResistIslamToday

    @Thakrulll yep im american

  5. Thakrulll

    @ResistIslamToday No. Not in Europe-.- We use meter, centimeter and so on. I guess you are from America right?

  6. fartinthewind13

    Your english is okay…

  7. ResistIslamToday

    haha he says meters its miles! feet inches!

  8. visualguerillaFILMs

    Really cool video!! nice “stunt” with the RC Heli :)

    Greetz from austria, VGM

  9. voidex136

    xLeGiTxMoN5TeRx , is it u (fat ugly kid) on ur channel? /facepalm

  10. xLeGiTxMoN5TeRx


  11. xLeGiTxMoN5TeRx

    what does it feel like seeing yourself while flying?

  12. DaAnthoVid

    Thanks for showing us your set-up! I enjoy your videos man! You always use the best music in the background!!!

  13. muni86

    @RCHELIBUG Flybarless is not an autopilot but it helps.
    Let’s say the heli is flying forward or hovering, it will keep the attitide constant, no matter if there is wind. It’s also much easier to fly a FBL heli very fast, a non-FBL heli tends to pitch up if it’s very fast.
    But it will not prevent the heli from crashing, it’s only easier to fly because you don’t have to countersteer anymore.


    Thanks mate, will have to look-in to getting me a good flybarless CP. when you say they have gyro’s on all axes, do they actually work at keeping the heli level? not just to stop the tail spinning like on my honey bee?

  15. muni86

    I think the CP helis are more stable because they are generally bigger and more precise. The Walkera 22e is a collective pitch heli but it is so small and made of cheap components, I could only hover tail-in safely. At that time I have already made my first 3D flights with the 450 helicopter……..
    If you take a Flybarless system the flying will become more easier, especially at windy conditions. Then you have gyros on all axes.


    Thanks, i’m lucky if i get out once a month, it always seems to be windy here and with my FP heli’s weighing around 300g i won’t fly if the wind is above 5mph.

    When you say a 450 is easier to fly, is it a good idea to learn on one? its just i was told to learn on a fp because i would find a 6ch CP impossible, but i am tempted as the CP’s look much more stable?

  17. simio1337

    Nice to hear I’m not the only one! After I crashed the Walkera 22e someone told me about a nice deal on the 2.4Ghz Exceed Eagle 50. It’s the exact same helicopter but under a different brand so I used the 22e for parts. I modded the hell out of it. Brushless motor, upgraded landing skids and a metal cnc head. It’s fun to fly, I still crash it. People are shocked how a little heli like that can reach 40mph easily. I’m fearful to buy a bigger heli because I don’t want a blade to hit me

  18. muni86

    @simio1337 Oh no dude!!!
    I have started with exactly the same helicopter. My brother bought it in summer 2006 and he crashed. He told me to repair the heli, and then I made my first flight because he was not interested anymore. I started without a training gear or any RC flight simulator experience and crashed after 2 sec.
    But then I’ve mounted a training gear and after some time I could fly tail-in pretty good.
    Buy a flight sim and a good 450 heli if you don’t want any troubles!!!

  19. muni86

    A 450 is much easier to fly, bigger inertia and more precise parts. Also a better tail gyro.
    Practice with a good RC flight simulator, I have Reflex XTR.
    I would say it takes about a half year to fly 3D safely in third person view. When you are practicing everyday a half hour. Of course some people (or kids) can learn it faster.

  20. milldabeast519

    @muni86 could u possibly drop a camera on top of the turbine and use it 2 film ur self?? that would be bad ass!



    Cool vid mate, as usual. can’t wait to be able to fly like this :-)

    How long did it take you to learn single blade heli’s? i’m just practising on 4ch fixed pitch heli’s, a honey bee v2 fp and a twister v2 fp, but finding it really difficult. I can tail-in hover ok but when i try and fly i’m struggling to keep it level and it ends up banking off then i crash, any advise? Thanks

  22. simio1337


    Sounds a lot like the $90 helicopter I bought, a Walkera 22e. Its a 350 I think. It just has no gyros except for one on the tail motor to stabilize it a little bit. If you take your eye from it for a second you’re very likely to crash lol.

  23. simio1337

    Dude you look just like Seth Rogen got a haircut

  24. petritwow

    looks fun:)

  25. menohaveaname

    @muni86 Wow! Nice!

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