First attempt at cutting wind generator blades form PVC (1)

First attempt at cutting  />wind generator</b> blades form PVC (1)

Here I cut a 2-1/2' piece of schedule 80 PVC and added a furl to the bottom of the leading edge.

First attempt at cutting wind generator blades form PVC (1)

5 Responses to First attempt at cutting wind generator blades form PVC (1)

  1. TheDudeRulez09

    @mccunecp? yes!!! MW&S is the way to go!!!

  2. mccunecp

    nice video I have tried a few times to make blades out of pvc? never was able to so I just broke down and got MW&S blades already had a 6 bladed hub just added the blades and they work pretty good they are very powerfull cant wait to get the generator and other parts to get it up and running to produce some power.

  3. magna59

    There’s a design that was sold by Soctish energy that had a blade trip ring, rather like a kids injection molded plastic windmill, it was on a 10Ft /3M mill & was said to keep the tip flutter down, reduce noise & reduce transmission into the building? onto which the machine was attached & aid flow, like the tips now to be found on jet wings.

  4. TheDudeRulez09

    LOL TY Doug, I have decided to noy completely cut it off but greatly shorten it, also I have decided to do 4′ blades with a more conventional design, they are sharp like hornet blades at? the tip and cut from 8″ Schedule 40 PVC, I will post them once they are cut and shaped. Oh I was worng the white PVC was shedule 40 also, if this works well then my next project will be wooden blades til I can save enough to get a real rig from Jeff at Missouri Wind & Solar!!.

  5. TheDudeRulez09

    Thanks Jeff, I was hoping you wouldn’t roast me too bad for doing PVC I will go legit once I can afford it. I was driving back from my off grid site and the city was replacing some 8″ water line close to my neighbor hood and I noticed some 6′ pieces in the trash pile so I asked if I could take them,? and they said yes, so I have a 6′ piece and a 4′ piece to work with.

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