Dynohub Wind Generator GREENPOWER

Dynohub Wind Generator. Build your own green power.

25 Responses to Dynohub Wind Generator GREENPOWER

  1. london1817

    @atpuck Just do searches on EbAY once & a while and you
    will find one……usually around 20-40us dollars.

  2. atpuck

    where did you buy the gen? i use a big boy from an old treadmill i would like to downsize.

  3. london1817

    With this 14 volts on a good day.

  4. spasticteapot

    How much power are you producing?

  5. anemos2001

    the easiest way to make a wind generator is to use an induction motor with some magnets at the rotor

  6. london1817

    Cool I will check it out!

  7. VillageIdiot8055

    not trying to spam but there is this place you should check out called… wind blue power com it is the cheapest wind generators that i know of
    made from a GM alternator and you can buy just the parts and get the alternator from the junkyard…i have nothing to do with them i am gettin one for my boat just lettin ya know

  8. inventorisac

    Turbina EÓLICA Produz mais com Melhor Custo Benefício nunca antes visto

  9. vicmeuk

    120 rpm on standard dynohub = approx 12V so 150rpm is good for charging a 12 volt battery. Dynohub gives under half an ampere so ideal for trickle charging a 40AH lead acid batter used for lighting etc in a hut. If you are having trouble getting 12V let me know.. All the best!!

  10. london1817

    Many, many things.
    I charge batteries then run an inverter to run radio’s, lights, sattelite, tools, motors.
    You are only limited to your imagination my friend. Use your creative side!
    Tell me how it goes. OK???

  11. Anubis1372

    i don t know yet what power can make…can you tell me what power can i have with dynohub? my dyno is 6 v

  12. london1817

    I like this tail design the best.
    All you need is a bridge rectifier, dynohub & a battery. And some creativity.
    What are you going to power?

  13. london1817

    Radio shack.
    Its called a bridge rectifier.

  14. Anubis1372

    i work now to make windturbine from dyno….nice tail

  15. bng44270

    where did you get the bridge rectifier? I am contemplating the construction of a wind turbine with a old furnace motor. Once I find out the output of the motor, I’ll find the right rectifier but I don’t know where to find one.

  16. london1817

    It is not as hard as you think. When the snow melts get some projects going for yourself!!!! Thanks …..Rick.

  17. blueshadow1996

    wind power….You r green,no offense,.I am so inspired..I have almost everything I need..Cant wait till the snow goes away..

  18. breezebro

    I like how you made it out of a bicycle wheel. Can you give instructions on how you made it and the generator?

  19. london1817

    You know it!!!!!! I like my solar panels & all but wind generators are cheaper and I think more stylish. They are for special types of people.. That Air x seems like an awesome turbine!! Rick.

  20. gggatttorrr

    You ain’t lying ther Rick. I agree. Today we had some good wind and my Air X was peaking out at 30 amps and averaging about 10 amps ALL DAY. That was awesome. MY Ametek was putting out over 19 volts which I believe is about 5-7 amps. I just uploaded a vid on that. Today I scored some free 4″ PVC pipe so I can start working on a VAWT for my 180 volt treatmill motor I have. Wind Generators are way more fun!!!!

  21. london1817

    Hey thats cool man, a couple years ago I built a turbine with an 8′ single blade hanging on top of a 40′ pine tree on a 10′ stick of riged pipe …with romex wrapped around it to hold it on there……And some 70mph gusts came thru and mangled it!!!
    I watched the whole thing it was awesome!!!! I was hooked ever since!!
    No solar guy has a story like that!!! Rick.

  22. gggatttorrr

    My scooter is a little bigger, 1600 CC Yamaha Road Star.

    Yeah, I found a place on ebay that sells Evergreen cells with small chips fairly cheap. I got enough to build 3 60 watt panels. I’m just waiting on tabbing wire. Should be able to build 180 watts of solar for just over $250. Thats about 1/4 the price. I will get more output with solar but I agree with you, I just love watching those wind mills spin. I cant wait to get them all built and up.

  23. london1817

    Hey me too!! I have a Chinese scooter 50cc screwed up to 80cc. Its very fast .

    Are you going to buy broke chips and soider them together? Some say its really a great way to go.
    I like solar but, wind generators are funner to watch!!! LOL ….Rick.

  24. gggatttorrr

    Nah…..I wish. Just some scootertrash from Florida trying to build a better way out of this energy crisis. My Ametek is hopefully going up next week and I am going to raise my AirX up another 10 feet to see if I can get more wind. I aso have 2 other dc motors I am going to make VAWTs with. Plus I am going to attemp building my own solar panels from scratch. Then I should be making some serios electricity. All of you guys out here are inspiations to me.

  25. london1817

    It is a small one,
    It puts out 6 volt, 3 watts.
    I built it from a bicycle wheel.

    Your not Gator the skateboard pro from the 1980’s are you?

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