Catastrophic Failure of Wind Generator

Wind turbine electric generating station flies apart. Illustrates dangers inherent in wind energy generation.

23 Responses to Catastrophic Failure of Wind Generator

  1. SoGoGR

    in high winds they should be turned off and locked to place according to safety regulations. There should be someone there to supervise, dont blame the machine

  2. 4psx1979

    I know? it I have see the TV is from the Danish

  3. HalogenBurn

    Inherent danger… yeah, seriously, like everyone else has been saying, probably one of the safest methods. Solar maybe safer, but maybe not if you take into account the condensation array types, or whatever, that focus hundred of panels into a beam of tremendous heat.

  4. govf

    I respect your opinion of their appearance, it is a highly debated issue. I do disagree with you, but that is also my opinion.

    However, I find you stating inherent danger from turbines breaking like this to be uninformed.

    True, the tips spin quickly, but fact remains, properly running turbines pitch out of the wind to maintain full and operation, safe rotation speed.

    If I show you a video of catastrophic failure of a car exploding, does that mean it’s an inherent danger of all cars?

  5. ptgustan

    govf: Apologist. Calculate the velocity of the tip of a blade at the standard 50 RPM. I’ve actually seen several instances of the damage caused by such failures. Have you? Besides, the infernal machines ruin the natural beauty of any location.

  6. govf

    this video does NOT demonstrate the danger in wind energy.

    turbines have a motor that rotates them perpendicular to the wind in heavy wind times (these 2.1 MW turbines don’t operate at wind speeds greater than ~60mph)

    the motor broke in this turbine, blades bent back, struck the tower.

    this is no different or dangerous than problems with any other power source, only difference is there is an 80mph wind, so no one is around anyway.

  7. 7BalKhan9

    azért a végén termelte az áramot rendesen!

  8. KrimsonStorm

    That must have been generating some serious power before it broke.

  9. SebNormandy

    Less dangerous than nuclear energy… Poor guy :(

  10. poobert

    I forgot I had made this comment. I have since gone to school and gained a PhD and a Masters and have since decided that my comment makes no sense… By the way, it was satirical to begin with. Why does everyone take things so literally here on Youtube?

  11. queenb8212

    And WHY exactly woud someone be having a wedding directly underneath a wind tower? Are you serious? And let’s say there WAS a wedding going on during this insane wind storm don’t you think it would be either postponed or relocated and not in the middle of a field underneath this giant wind tower?
    Windmills kill people…wow….ok.

  12. KillFrenzie

    Great, now how the hell is the earth going to turn?

  13. poobert

    I agree with ptgustan. This just proves how dangerous alternative energy is. We must go back to coal burning because you never see this kind of stuff happen. I bet it’s the government. Also, what would have happened if there was a wedding going on during that windy day and they were directly under the catastrophe? Could you live with yourself knowing that you support the wind lobby? You are just as guilty with murder as the windmill is, windmills kill people. Ban them!

  14. OrangeWedgie

    These windmills have governors on them that apply resistance when the speed climbs too high. I would assume there is a hard lock that applies if the governor fails.

    This is still less risky than other forms of power generation. If a coal plant fails, it could lead to a massive fire and significant power loss. If a nuclear plant fails…do I need to explain that?

  15. OrangeWedgie

    This is why they’re intended for installation in areas that receive a steady wind flow. A backup power plant can remain online but can vary it’s load and resulting pollution depending on needs. It doesn’t run full tilt like it would without wind. Plus, they are working on a solution to this. It’s all still fairly new.

  16. OrangeWedgie

    WOW, really? Steam engines were not decommissioned because of failures resulting in death. They were decommissioned because of the development of gas, diesel and electric engines. People did die due to steam failures, but that’s a risk of any technology. Steam was an early tech and was just as dangerous as all other early techs.

  17. ptgustan

    These wind turbines are an economic boondoggle. To supply peak demand when the wind is down, an alternate power plant must be kept running at all times. In Iowa and Nebraska, that means a coal fired plant must be kept on line whether the wind blows or not.

  18. ptgustan

    I drive through an operating wind farm several times a year. I’ve seen at least six windmills destroyed by high winds in the last three years. Anything mechanical can and, eventually, will fail. You might want to research the large number of folks that were killed by steam engine failures when they were first put to use. You don’t see many steam engines used any more, do you?

  19. cklink

    This was a test, correct? It doesn’t take long for it to run away as suggested by the audio. There are videos of this from different angles. From my understanding, there are several safety features on these to prevent what you saw.

  20. msevely


  21. cardinalofkings

    example of how wind generators are NOT the answer to global warming

  22. jasonguyperson

    $300,000 down the drain!

  23. ultraflight4471

    Wow !!!!! That thing is wasted now!

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