Can wind be channeled to create a more efficient Wind generator?

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Can wind be channeled to create a more efficient Wind generator?
A few months ago, I was walking through an alley way in Las Vegas. At the time, a gust of wind came in through the other end. The wind was channeled between the two buildings making it almost impossible to walk forward.

My question is, Wouldn't it be more efficient to have wind channeled first and have a wind generator at the other end to produce more energy? As opposed to having wind turbines out in the open where the flow of air isn't pressurized?

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Answer by Tommy
I doubt it. Collecting the wind together into smaller areas will cause more friction and energy losses compared with just making the wind mill blades as wide as the full area. It seems simpler to use larger blades to collect the energy of the entire area.

If you could not make the blades that large then maybe you will gain from collecting into a smaller section area and therefore smaller blades running faster. Of course in this case you must make the walls. It seems easier to make bigger blades.

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