Atlanta (Georgia, US)-Based Tula International Enhances Renewable Energy Sector Focus at IRC Global Executive Search Partners

wind generator blades

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 29, 2012

A major IRC industry focus for 2012/13 is the renewable energy and emerging technologies sector, says Sylvia MacArthur, president of the IRC Executive Board. Our new member firm, Tula International, has deep search industry experience and business expertise in the sustainability market, which provides additional US-based resources for all IRC member firms, in more than 30 countries. Our sector-based talent mappings,

accessing top talent from anywhere in the world, brings optimal results to our clients.

Bernard Vanderlande, Atlanta-based Tula Internationals managing director, explains how the renewable energy sector and emerging technologies market is about far more than simply physical facilities, such as a wind farm or solar array:

Theres all the supply chain that comes with it, making chemicals used to manufacture the wind blade composite, transport, generators, support in sales and marketing, supply chain, engineering and green building enterprises. It is a huge market there is so much potential in the business.

Founded in 2010, Tula specializes in finding executive-level to middle management talents for multinational renewable energy companies in the wind energy, solar (PV, Thermal or Thin-Film), biomass and biofuels, energy efficiency and energy storage, geothermal energy, hydro, and clean tech industries. Tula Internationals global network of industry contacts and its niche position in the search profession means the company is uniquely positioned to help its clients build an effective leadership team in the renewable energy market, and emerging technologies and sustainability sectors.

At Tula, we are very focused in our specialized niche, and enjoy the challenge of finding the right person for our clients, says Bernard. Its difficult to find experts in the industries we service, candidates with knowledge, contacts and passion for the business. These markets are young, so even the largest players (800 employees) need experienced leaders and entrepreneurial-minded people; the cultural fit in a search is very important.

Of course, access to new business opportunities is also very important, he adds. For instance, European companies are expanding to the US, and we find that solar- and wind-power are growing industries in India, China and Brazil. Our membership in IRC means we can work together to provide expanded search services to all our international clients in the renewable energy and emerging technologies industries, and sustainability market. explains Bernard Vanderlande, managing director Tula International

About Tula International

At Tula International, the principals combine a wealth of business and search expertise with a passion for and focus on renewable energy, sustainability and emerging technologies, conducting projects around the globe from the head office in Atlanta, Georgia. The companys principals believe in the future of these industries and that these industries are the future. They have taken the time to study the markets and learn the industries, so they really understand the issues. With long careers in finance and international commerce, Tulas principals have the experience to relate to business challenges, from entrepreneurship to financing, and a track record of finding exceptional leaders for a variety of renewable energy and emerging technologies companies, and the sustainability market. A Tula International candidate comes prepared with a portfolio of global contacts and is ready to perform from day one.

About IRC Global Executive Search Partners

IRC Global Executive Search Partners is a market leader in the global executive search industry with a track record of more than 25,000 completed assignments for 1,000+ clients in almost every conceivable industry segment and function. Our clients range from large multinationals to middle market companies that enjoy the advantage of working with leading local firms around the globe, providing them access to expert local market knowledge, the agility and commitment of owner operated firms and the global reach of a strong alliance. With a growing roster of leading executive search firms across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, IRC Global Executive Search Partners has more than 250 accomplished executive search professionals. Ranked among the worlds 10th largest retained search firms, IRC Global Executive Search Partners has been providing consistent and highperformance executive search solutions to its clients for the past nineteen years.

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