Among the many wind turbine designs, what do you like or appreciate most, and why?

vertical wind turbine

Among the many wind turbine designs, what do you like or appreciate most, and why?
Is it the Helix wind turbine? The Sky Serpent? The Selsam Super Turbine? The Loop Wing? Or what other designs you know that you find attractive and more efficient to use?
Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Answer by Charles
Personally I like the VAWT .. Vertical Axis designs.

I like them because I think they are a more efficient design, and can be easily designed to handle high winds.

Besides some really beautiful variations can be made out of them.

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  1. Rudydoo

    Hey Wind, take a good look at Charles answer to your question, it’s worth reading several times. I have to agree that the Helix, or the “Darrieus Rotor” is really neat looking. It is far from an efficient design. This is exactly the thing that got wind and solar into so much trouble in the 70’s, the misinformation that circulated around and was accepted as gospel by everyone. The vertical axis wind turbine is one of the most inefficient wind turbines in the world. This is the reason you don’t see any power companies installing them in their expensive wind farms, they would never pay for themselves. The typical VAWT runs about 5 – 8% efficiency, a far cry from the typical horizontal 3 bladed model, at around 25 – 30 %. But don’t take my word for it, it’s getting your information form hacks like us online that defeats the entire point of research in the first place. Get to the non profit websites like AWEA.ORG or MREA.ORG, or better yet, take a trip to the old fashioned library and check out some books, like Wind Power for Home and Business, by Paul Gipe, or anything written by Mick Sagrillo. Mick Sagrillo has a fantastic discussion on just this subject at the AWEA website by the way, he is considered by people in the business to be the modern day guru on wind power.

    Better than all these ideas, get a subscription to Home Power Magazine, look up the event calender in the back, and get to one of the many energy fairs hosted all over the place. We went to one 12 years ago, and actually listened to Mick and other experts talk. Today our home is powered by the wind and sun, and I’m the guy that teaches wind and solar power to the kids in the local school here, that is where it has gotten us. If I listened to all the online pundits here 12 years ago, we never would have tried, and then I would have been just another guy sitting around telling the neighbors that, “Wind power doesn’t work,” because a guy told me that online. Put a little elbow grease into it, it will be worth it in the end. Take care, Rudydoo

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