3 Things Not To Do When Making Your Own Wind Turbine

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These are the top 3 things not to do when making your own wind turbine. Following these basic suggestions will save you a lot of headache when making your own wind turbine and inevitably lead to the success of your project. So here they are:

Tip No1: Don't start building your wind turbine before you have investigated the wind conditions in your area

This might be an obvious point, but you would be surprised at how many people start building their wind turbine, install it and are then surprised that there is not enough wind to power it. So what can you do to prevent such a mistake?

Well before you start investing in time and money to make your own wind turbine you should measure the wind current strength in your area. On average, you would need at least 10mph wind speed so that your wind power installation would be profitable in the long run. If the wind speed is below this minimum, then you should definitely reconsider your project.

Tip No2: Don't make your own wind turbine if you want to cover your whole electricity consumption


This is a tricky point, but here is the logic behind it. A DIY wind turbine is a pretty good option and is not really inferior to a prefabricated one. Except for in the area of aerodynamics. Is that really so important?

Well, if you are just looking to cover a part of your electricity bill expenses, then a home-made not so aerodynamic wind turbine would do just fine. However, in case you are looking to make all of your electricity through wind power, then you would need the proper wind turbine with maximally effective aerodynamics. For that purpose, the best option is the prefabricated wind power installations.

Tip No3: Don't just assume that you can build your own wind turbine without expert guidance

This last tip is not meant to discourage you in your endeavor to make a wind turbine. On the other hand, it is meant to encourage you and reassure you that with the proper guidance you can make a pretty good wind power installation. This wind turbine might not be sufficient to cover all of your electricity needs, but it would be a nice supplement to your conventional power supply.

So is this really a Do It Yourself project since you would need to make a further investment for expert guidance? Well, you do not really need to invite a specialist to help you. All you need is a ste-by-step DIY guide. And these guides are not that expensive - you can get one for less than . Moreover, you are doing this project to save money, right? A good guide can help you save more and faster and will thus repay for itself faster than you would hope for.

These were my three don'ts that everyone who is thinking of making their own wind turbine should be aware of. Again, you need to investigate the natural conditions, examine whether a home-made wind turbine is good enough for your needs, and finally get expert guidance to be able to do your project more efficiently. Beware of these don'ts and you should be able to do just fine in this DIY project of yours and start making your own electricity pretty soon. And by all means, check out the expert guidance, which is offered at the link below.

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